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Fashion in the 1930s

No description

Aleena J.

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Fashion in the 1930s

Backless evening gown with cape sleeves
Hats in the 1930s
Men's shoes in the 1930s
sandals in the 1930s
1930s Fashion
Women's DREsses with puff sleeves in the 1930s
To Kill a Mockingbird
Nylon Stockings in the 1930s
Zippers in the 1930s
Men's fashion in the 1930s
Fashion in the 1930s is pretty outrageous. They have some interesting fashion choices. As you go through this presentation, you will learn all about fashion in the 1930s.
Fashion in the 1930s
Most outfits for females had upper sleeve puffs, cape sleeves, short, shoulder-covering capes, as well as bolero jackets. Skirts came down to the knee and flared out. Evening gowns were longer in length, going down farther than the ankles, whereas afternoon outfits were usually calf length, and day garments were shorter. During the mid-1930s, backless evening gowns were introduced and became more popular.
Outfits for females in the 1930s
Hats, belts, scarves, and clutch purses were very fashionable during this time and accessories became more and more popular. For women who couldn't buy many outfits, accessories were often used to "change-up" one piece of clothing to look like a different outfit.
Accessories in the 1930s
Men wore high waisted trousers and blazers, and for casual wear, they wore sweaters and cardigans made from wool or cotton.
Men's fashion in the 1930s
Fashion in the 1930s
Nylon stockings for women
Nylon stockings were worn often, not only because they were inexpensive, but also because of their quality and withstanding property
Zippers in the 1930s
Even though zippers had been invented two decades before, they became an extremely popular closure item for clothing in the 1930s.
How it all relates
"To Kill A Mockingbird" has quite a few scenes that have the women talking and gossiping as well as some other things that are unique to the 1930s. Knowing about what they wore and what fashion was like during this time period can help to visualize the scenes in this book. Knowing about the attire in the 1930s can help to understand the culture, which in turn helps in understanding the time period and book as a whole. Clothing can also help to understand a character's demeanor. This can help in understanding each character as well. Learning about fashion in the 1930s before reading "To Kill A Mockingbird" helps in understanding many aspects of this book.
Men's Shirt $2.50 1932
Ladies Wool Flannel Robes $3.95 1934
Ladies Winter Coats $16.00 1937
Men's Quality Overcoats $15.00 1937
Ladies Oxfords Shoes $2.44 1937
Men's Slacks $3.98 1937
Women's silk hose 49 cents 1933
Boys overcoat wool $8.69-11.98/each
Boys pants and breeches, corderoy From $1.98
Boys school suit, From $7.94
Girls hose (tights), woolen, From 25 cents per pair
Men’s shirt, Arrow, From $1.45
Men’s sport coat From $19.98
Women s dress shoes, From $3.45
Women s suit, 2 pieces, From $6.98
Men's Sox 10 cents 1933
Ladies Sandals 98 cents 1939
Boys and Girls Underwear 49 cents 1935
Men's 2 Piece Suit Double breasted $19.75 1935
Howard Deluxe Quality silk lined hat $2.85 1935
Sheeplined Moccasins 79 cents 1935
Fancy Broadcloth Pajamas $1.89 1937
Men's Lined Gloves 98 cents 1935
Clothing Prices in the 1930s
Many different shoe styles were introduced in this decade! Starting with strappy sandals and other open toe varieties as well as, platform shoes and wedges.
Women's Shoes in the 1930s
Men's shoes consisted of black and brown lace up cap toe oxfords and fitted boots.
Men's shoes in the 1930s
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