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Compare and Contrast of To Kill A Mockingbird and Zimmerman Murder Trial

Compare and Contrast To kill A Mockingbird and Zimmerman Murder Trial

Charles Holleran

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast of To Kill A Mockingbird and Zimmerman Murder Trial

Compare and Contrast " To Kill A Mockingbird and Zimmerman Murder trial of Travon Martin"
1. Media a factor in beginning of case against Zimmerman

1. Tom Robinson was accused of rape

4. Tom Robinson was a kind man who would not rape anyone
5. Bob Ewell was the real bad guy
Tom Robinson
6 Women Jurors
12 All White Jurors
Defense Lawyer Threaten
Defense Lawyer Threaten
Zimmerman injured
Trayvon Martin killed
Tom had disabled arm
Race a factor
Race a factor
Tom found guilty
Zimmerman not guilty
Both Trials are tragedies
2. Zimmerman called a wannabe cop
3. Zimmerman was injured in the scuffle with Martin
4. Zimmerman shot Martin
5. Trayvon Martin was considered a kid just going for skittles
6. It was said that Zimmerman's nose was broken by Trayvon Martin
7. It was said that Trayvon was the aggressor against Zimmerman
8. If found guilty Zimmerman could be charged for either 2nd degree murder, manslaughter, not guilty or a hung jury
2. Tom Robinson was a black man in a white dominated town in the 1930's
3. Tom Robinson was disabled (Left arm disfigured in a farm equipment accident)
7. After trial Tom Robinson died trying to escape
8. Bob Ewell tried to stab Scout and broke Jem's arm
Tom killed escaping
Justice for all
5. Stand your ground law part of trial
6.Tom Robinson found guilty
9. Zimmerman found not guilty
The Zimmerman Trial
The Tom Robinson Trial
Not Guilty
"Justice for All"
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