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Greek Theater

No description

gs students

on 15 April 2016

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Transcript of Greek Theater

Why Greek theater was important
Greek theater was one of the most important part of ancient greece being it provided communication. Greek theater was also part of the festival of Dionysia. Greeks found theater to be one.
The First Greek "Actor"
The First Greek actor was a man named Thespis. He created one of the most famous plays called "goat song" which means the sacrifice of a goat for their leader
Comedy Plays
Comedy was also an important part of ancient greece theater.Comedy plays were derived from imitation.Comedy plays also helped them prepare for battle
Most actors were a combination of amateurs. All actors were male. The actors had to gesture so grandly so the audience could see and hear them.
Greek Theater
A greek theater is called a theatron.The theaters were constructed on large sloping hills. The theaters consisted of 3 main elements: Orchestra, Skene, and audience.
Greek Theater
Real Greek
Greek Masks
Greek masks were one of the biggest part in plays. They described every persons emotion in
the play. It described
how and what they
felt in the plays.
Thespis -.
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