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Ender's Game Theme Analysis

11 AP Summer Reading, Menchville High School

Caleb Jones

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Ender's Game Theme Analysis

Begin Video for Music ENDER'S GAME
“So much so that instead of the usual four platoons, [Ender] had created five, each with a toon leader and a second; every veteran had a position. He had the army drill in eight-man toon maneuvers and four man half-toons, so that at a single command, his army could be assigned as many as ten separate maneuvers and carry them out at once. No army had ever fragmented mass maneuvers , but Ender was not planning to do anything that had been done, either.” Characterization "It was no longer possible for the other commanders to ignore him. A few of them sat with him at every meal, carefully trying to learn from him how he had defeated his most recent opponents." Conflict Symbolism "Almost all were commanders, watching the same vids Ender watched, pretending they understood why he was watching and what he got out of it." IRONY Setting Friend Vs Enemy Explanation Ender In chapter 11, Ender came up with a new strategical setup for his platoons during the games. His battle tactics are revolutionary to the history of the simulation matches making him a stronger opponent. The quote supports that Ender is quick witted and self-confident, straying from the normal line up. This relates to the theme because the real friends backed him up out of respect, even though he was beating them. Enemies turned out to be fake commanders trying to figure out his plans. CHAPTER 11 Veni Vini Vici By: Orson Scott Card Caleb Jones 11 AP English THEME Ender has created many enemies that were at one time his friends, or so he thought. After winning many battles in a row, his popularity decreased along with the so called 'friends'. The only kids that wanted to be near him were commanders trying to figure out how to defeat Ender. Explanation Dragon was the name given to Ender's company he lead. Before him, Dragon's reputation of winning turned out to be the joke of the school for many years. The dragon is a symbol known for its intelligence and violence. No one before him was able to master the metaphoric concept of dragon qualities. Along with being cunning and smart, his presence also physiologically messed with his opponents. DRAGON "At the end of the week Dragon Army had fought seven battles in seven days. The score stood 7 wins and 0 losses." "There were many, too, who hated him. hated him for being young, for being excellent, for having made their victories look paltry and weak." The truth behind the videos was that Ender knew he was watching propaganda and old footage of the first bugger war. No real relevant knowledge was to be gained through the videos. This especially made the other commanders hate him more because the could not figure out what was so special about the movies, though they said they did. Setting amplified the tension between Ender and the other commanders. Even if the battle arena was changed, he was still able to make do with what he was given, a trait no one else could match. Explanation "The door was already open. There were no stars at all. Just empty, empty space in dazzling bright room. Nowhere to hide, not even darkness." er's Game THE END
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