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Zinn Chapter 12: The Empire and The People

No description

Deanna Herrera

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Zinn Chapter 12: The Empire and The People

Zinn Chapter 12: The Empire and The People
By: Deanna and Maitri
a policy of extending a country's power and influence through military force or diplomacy
the policy of territorial or economic expansion

Cubans fight for their independence from Spain for 3 years
Independence not in the cards
US battleship

President McKinely demands war

Do you believe it was ethically correct for the US to interevene in Cuba?
Key Points
Spanish-American War

Teller Amendment
Platt Amendment
Open Door Policy
What is it?
Teller Amendement: This amendment forbade the US from annexing or governing the island of Cuba, and Cuba could not become a US territory

"It was intitated and supported by those people who were interes in Cuban independece and opposed to American imperialism, and also by business people who saw the "open door" as suffiecent and military intervention unecessary"
Platt Amendment
After American victory in the war, the Teller Amendment was succeeded by the Platt amendment.

This amendment gave the US the ability to nix treaties with other countries, intervene when they thought it was necessary and gave them a naval base in Guantanamo Bay.

"For the Untied States to reserve to itself the power to determine when this indepence was threatened and when, therefore, it should intervene to preserve it,
is equvialent to handing over the keys to our house so that they can enter it any time
, whenever the desire seizes them, day or night, whether with good or evil design" -- Black Delegate from Santiago,
Was the Teller Amendment honored by the US?
US duty to lift them up
Filipinos were savages and uncivilzed
McKinley's sign from God

How did the Flipinos respond to the US decision to take over thier country?

Teller Amendment
This amendment forbid the US from annexing, getting
complete control
, or governing the island of Cuba.

" It was initiated and supported by those people who were
interested in Cuban independence
opposed American imperialism
, and also by business people who saw the "open door" as sufficient and military intervention unecessary." -
US duty to lift them up
Filipinos were savages and uncivilized
McKinely's sign from God
1899, Revolt against American Rule
Stepping Stone to China - "The Pacific is our ocean..."

How did the Filipinos respond to the US desicion to take over their country? What about the Anti-Imperialists in the US?
Open Door Policy
"It was a more sophisticated approach to imperialism..." -
Third Party: Business Communities
US interest in China after gaining the Philippines - "Stepping Stone"
This later became a dominant theme of American foreign policy in the 20th century
Result of War in Cuba?
Iron and Coal industry increased
Higher wages and Employment increased
Higher Prices -- Poor got pooer, Rich got Richer
Moment when Spain surrenders, US will come in and take over
Cuban Constitutional Convention
Result of Spanish-American War
Before Spanish-American War
During Philippie War
"On avergae, every week, two Negroes were lynched by mobs- hanged, burned, mutulated." -
Filipinos were strange to the Americans -- led to brutality in the natives
"....there was the simple need to get ahead in a society where opportunities for success were denied the black man, and the military life gave such possibilities."
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