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Mackie Lauve

No description

Mrs Feeney

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Mackie Lauve

Stock Market Project Pacific Sunwear American Eagle Outfitters By:Mackie Lauve, period 4 :) I chose to invest in American Eagle Outfitters in my dtock project because I like their clothes and they are making good money to invest in. Pacific Sunewar originally started as a small surf shop on the beach and only sold surf boards and wax. They later expanded and started selling clothing because the buissiness was so bad. I chose to invest in Pacific Sunwear because I wear a lot of their clothing and use their products too. I know other people who shop at Pac Sun and I figured they would be good to invest in because a lot of people I know go there. Pac Sun was originally started in 1981 as a small surf shop and then grew into what it is today. mackie <3 aaishaaa Pacific Sunwear made good money but at a point it ocmpletely dropped and did very bad. It picked back up and continued at a normal rate American Eagle did not do as well as I thought it would but it still made a small profit. Overall it was continuing at a normal rate, just not at a a high one. Pacific Sunwear had a profit of $181.72 American Eagle made a profit of $180.90 American Eagle was started in 1977 by Jerry Sullivan. It sells clothing and accesories for teenagers and adults across the country. When choosing what company to invest in, I suggest that you pick a widley known brand name because it will have the most profit. What I liked most about the project is that we could choose any brand that we wanted to invest in. What I did not like about the project was that it was hard to keep track of our stocks and I would have rather done a power point because I am not familiar with prezi.
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