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Spike Lee

No description

Mr. Parke

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Spike Lee

Logan Toomey
spike lee was born on march 20th
in atlanta georgia from his parents bill lee and jacquelyn lee
Spike lee was raised in Brooklyn New York
spike lee has 3 siblings
Joie Lee is his sister
Cinqué Lee is his brother
David Lee is his brother
The highschool he attended was john dewy high school
he went to 3 diffrent colleges
morehouse college
he took film classes at clark atlanta university
he also went to new york university tech school of the fine arts where he earned a master of fine arts
NBA 2K16
personally I really like this game but not everyone does. they where getting fustrated with it and 4 million coppies were shipped back the first week! somne people did it because the lack of tutorials this doesn't mean there aren't positive changes but changeing the controls was unnecesery. they made it alot more like the real nba, eith features such as commentary, pre-game shows, halftime shows, post-game shows, replays, interviews, and crowds and among many other things
popular spike lee 20th century movies
she's gotta have it(1986)
Do the Right Thing(1989)
Malcom X(1992)
he made his debut with She's gotta have it it made 7.1 million dollars
popular spike lee 21th century movies
currently spike lee lives in new york with his wife tonya lewis
inside man(2006)
chi raq(2015)
25th hour(2002)
Spike Lee
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