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WSU Hunger Awareness Initiative

Given to PovSolve Aug 26th

Pamela O'Neal

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of WSU Hunger Awareness Initiative

Presented to Lambda Pi Eta
Sep. 20, 2012 WSU Hunger Awareness Initiative Our History December 2009
El Dorado food packaging event Jan. 2010
Earthquake hits Haiti WSU responds Dr. Deborah Ballard-Reisch & team
implemented WSU Feeds Haiti in 3 weeks 3,000 volunteers packaged almost 641,000 meals in 3 days We became aware that: 1. University communities are under-researched in this area 2. There is a need to research the WSU community WSU Hunger Awareness Initiative Two-fold mission
1. Raise awareness of hunger
2. Investigate the nature and scope of hunger at WSU Theoretical Foundation Engaged Scholarship
Community-Based Participatory Research Develop a reproducible hunger awareness process model for colleges and universities world wide Completed Events: 2011/2012 Academic Year
ESC Communication Week activities
WSU Hunger Awareness Day - October 22, 2011
Numana SWIPE food packaging event
1st Dinner & Conversation about Hunger at WSU Food Drives Benefit Kansas Food Bank

A. Empowering
1. Participate in Kansas Food Bank food drive
2. Help families in Wichita
3. Raise awareness of hunger on campus

B. Opportunity to help build, grow initiative
1. Shared goals of Lambda Pi Eta and WSU Hunger Awareness Initiative
2. Improving WSU community & Wichita community Intent:
Planned Events: 2012/2013 Academic year 2nd WSU Hunger Awareness Day - October 20, 2012
Campus-wide food drive to benefit the Kansas Food Bank
3rd Dinner & Conversation about Hunger at WSU
Campus-wide survey - Fall, 2012
Universities Fighting World Hunger Summit - March 2-4, 2013 COMM 111 section competition - 571 lbs. of food collected Campus-wide food drive goal - 5,000 lbs. of food, collaboration with WSU organizations, freeze mobs, human chain Dinner & Conversation Events
1st Dinner - 50 participants
2nd Dinner - 75 participants
3rd Dinner goal: 100 participants Campus-wide Hunger Survey 2nd Dinner & Conversation about Hunger at WSU Collaboration between Lambda Pi Eta & WSU Hunger Awareness Initiative
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