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Home Garden

This Prezi is about Home Gardens.

Vivian Tan

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Home Garden

Home Garden Home gardens are ways of helping the environment. It can also help you save money. Here is an example of how home gardens help the environment:
•You don’t have fruits/vegetables that have come from a plane; the plane can pollute the air.
•You can have something to do while you’re bored.
•Seeds are very cheap while the fruits/vegetables you’re buying are 3x the price of the seeds.
•The fruits/vegetables you grow are fresh because you grew them and the fruits/vegetables you buy; you wouldn’t know how fresh they are. These are the following questions I will answer:
1.What would your neighbors grow? [Food]
2.When would you plant and harvest?
3.How would you organize your neighborhood plan?
4.Share your 3 meals you can prepare.
5.Share your reasons for your choices. Answers:
1.My neighbors would probably grow fruits and vegetables, specifically: tomatoes, fruits, carrots, onions, and garlic.
2.I would grow fruits in the spring or summer time, and tomatoes, carrots, onions, etc. in the fall time and in the winter I wouldn’t grow plants because in the winter its sometimes a bit too cold, I wouldn’t grow plants inside at my place because if you do then you would waste lots of money on heat, since the plants need warmth.
3.I would organize a neighborhood plan by giving each one of the houses a flyer to build your garden and it would also say if you would be interested in joining a club for growing foods. Then I would buy gardening tools and seeds so then we could all garden in a garden that I would plan, it would be a community garden. But first I would have to go to city hall to have it approved.
4.Well my first meal would be a breakfast: Oranges so I can squeeze it and make orange juice, spinach, onion sauce with the spinach.
My second meal would be lunch: Apple juice, and a salad that includes: tomatoes, cucumber, garlic, spinach, onions, carrots, and cabbage. My third meal would be dinner: pear juice, a salad (again), an onion soup, garlic soup, carrot soup, and cabbage coup. My Reason for my choices:
1. I chose those answers because they are commonly grown in BC and other places, and I also see other people in Vancouver that grow these things.
2. I chose to grow those plants in those seasons/climates because most of the people I know that have gardens use this kind of “method.”
3. I thought of this plan by my head, and this is what most people would also do and I would know that because I saw a person do this type of thing in their neighbourhood.
4. Well since we can only grow fruits and vegetables in BC, then I thought why not make a salad and juice? So then I typed it down. Then I thought of soups so then I typed it down. Presentation By Vivian Tan In this picture you see the Chicago Botanic Garden. Hope you enjoyed this presentation. This little home garden belongs to a family
in Washington, D.C.
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