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shannon mcnally

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of manual

By: Hollye McGill & Shannon McNally Entrepreneurship Our Mission: Our Target Market Edmodo Quiz Survey Robert Youngblood Five Steps to becoming an entrepreneur Recommendations of Future Campaigns DECA at Cosby:
currently consists of 335 members
gives back to the community Who: a local entrepreneur, runs YBconnects and the Platinum Consulting and Marketing group
What he did: spoke inspirational words to our DECA chapter in order to get the students excited about running their own business and explained how books helped him develop his business skills
How he got the students involved: had them stand in the beginning and say "I feel good, I'm alive, and I'm a champion", also had them repeat important words About:
thirty multiple choice questions
worked in groups of three to complete the questions
used clickers to answer the questions
scores improved
on each question 85% of the students selected the correct answer Step One: Have a dream

Step Two: Develop a game plan

Step Three: Find a mentor

Step Four: Just do it

Step Five: Believe in yourself Entice and motivate students to become entrepreneurs by showcasing the positive aspects and examples of entrepreneurship.
Incorporate different forms of technology and resources into our activities.
To spread awareness of entrepreneurship to the DECA members at Cosby through different activities and research. In Chesterfield County:
There are 320,277 citizens
Contains 26 public schools
The average income is $71,321 About:
400 students participated
25 multiple choice questions Findings:
on average students at Cosby know 37% about entrepreneurship DECA members per year Number
members Year Picture of a DECA member taking our Edmodo quiz Target Market:
expand to the whole community
reach a broader range of ages
Involve local entrepreneurs:
hold a bake sale to raise money for entrepreneurs
Use technology:
contact local radio stations and local television shows to do a segment on entrepreneurship
this segment could be used to inform listener/viewers about the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur Sample Questions: Sample Question: Shannon and Hollye explaining how to use the clickers to complete the survey: Clickers used: Beginning your own business Positives:
1.You are your own boss
2.Benefit the economy
small business account for over 2/3 of all the jobs created
3. Benefit for self accomplishment from the progress you make
4. Have the opportunity to decide what is important to your company
5. Invent products that the consumers are craving
6. Choose their own work schedule
2.Lack of experience
3. Poor management
4. Over expansion
60% of small business fail
in the first six years Mr. Youngblood getting the students involved Shannon and Hollye with Mr. Youngblood Statistics:
50% of the students received a 0/25
7% of the students received a 15/25
0% of the students received a 25/25 Recommendations of Future
Campaigns Continued Focus on the positives of entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs have a flexible schedule
personally make and impact of the economy
get to choose who they work with
get to pursue their passion. VS person who work for someone else: helps the owner of the company pursue their passion
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