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The first printer 14 92

No description

jebreel bennis

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of The first printer 14 92

The first printer 1890
The first printer was made in China by a man named Su Shong. It was made without color besides black and white.
Other counters like Ireland,the US,Mexico and Russia wanted to buy. But these counters hardly used them.
All about printers
By Jebreel Bennis

Printers have gotten better, faster, and more powerful. And they have gotten aren't coasting as much any more.
By the 1900 printers are starting to get colors but the only colors you can get was black. People are starting to use printers more often now.
the sizes of pr
1893 other counters want buy the printer
1900 the printer has color.
1936 printers are getting better.
Printers are getting better and faster.
Now if you want to have your print
in a different color you can.
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