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MS HCD Program Guide

No description

HCD Department

on 13 July 2015

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Transcript of MS HCD Program Guide

The following information pertains to what you need to know about the Human Capital Development Master's Degree program at The University of Southern Mississippi. The slides include information about required coursework, the written comprehensive exam, and the mastery project.

Congratulations on taking this step!

Plan of Study
Your Plan of Study is your roadmap to completing all course requirements for graduation. Keep a copy for your personal files.

You must complete your plan of study during your first full semester.

Go to the Graduate School website at the following link: http://www.usm.edu/graduate-school/plans-study-masters-programs
Click on Human Capital Development M.S. to select the Plan of Study form
Download the form to your desktop by clicking Save when prompted
Complete and save the form
E-mail completed form to Suzy Robinson at S.Robinson@usm.edu

Approval Authority: Dr. Heather Annulis, 228.214.3517, heather.annulis@usm.edu

MS HCD students are required by the USM VP of Research Office to complete the following University’s Research and Scholarly IAP courses:
Common Course for USM Arts & Humanities Faculty and Students - RCR

For your convenience, IAP training is offered online. Course instructions are available at:


This must be completed during your
first semester.
Students will not be allowed to register for classes their second semester until this requirement is fulfilled.

Please forward a copy of your completion record to s.robinson@usm.edu and keep a copy for your records.

Total Hours Required
Required Coursework:

MS HCD Core 27 hrs.
Electives 6 hrs.
Total Program 33 hrs.

Five years is the maximum allowed by Graduate School for coursework and the comprehensive exam.

The program advisor is Heather Annulis, Ph.D. Students must meet with their advisor prior to each semester before registering for courses.

* A final GPA of 3.0 is required.
* If a student earns more than two (2) “C” grades, status in the program will be reviewed.

Comprehensive Exam Dates
Written comprehensive examinations are taken the final semester of the program.
Your graduate committee chair will schedule a tentative date for your comprehensive final exam.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail at the beginning of the semester with examination dates, times and location, along with other important information about the exam.

Exam Preparation
Comprehensive written examinations are prepared by the MS HCD faculty and should be taken in the last semester of the program.

Comprehensive exams are based on material learned during the program. The exams are designed to measure the student’s (1) specialized, advanced knowledge of the HCD discipline, and (2) the critical, analytical and problem solving skills needed to produce original, independent scholarly HCD research, thus contributing to the discipline’s body of knowledge.

Exam Preparation continued
Exam Evaluation
Written comprehensive exams are administered on the USM Gulf Park Campus. All materials (scratch paper, computer, etc.) are provided.

Written comprehensive exam questions are essay format, assessing your ability to:

Make a logical and persuasive written argument
Synthesize ideas and scholarship from a variety of fields
Reference literature that best informs the research topic
Appropriately use terminology, theory, or other concepts

You are only responsible for questions from coursework you completed. Your mastery project committee will evaluate your exam.

The Graduate School allows students one re-take of the comprehensive exam.

Mastery Project Overview
Important graduate studies deadlines can be found at: Graduation Deadlines (http://www.usm.edu/graduate-school/deadlines)

In your final semester, begin to coordinate all mastery project activities and timetables through your mastery project director. The mastery project will incorporate the majority of concepts and theories you learned over the course of your program.

Please note that your mastery project topic must be approved by your major professor and must demonstrate knowledge and application of the HCD discipline. Discuss your topic with your mastery project director in the beginning of your final semester. Your chair will advise you on the appropriateness of your topic and help guide you through the process of narrowing it down.

There is not a thesis option.

MS Course Requirements
During the first term, the student will schedule a program planning meeting to complete the Plan of Study with the Dr. Heather Annulis. Comprehensive written examinations are prepared by mastery project committee members and are taken after the completion of coursework. They are based on material from the overall program.
The Graduate Studies office requires that masters degrees be completed within
five years.
: During the mastery project process, all students must complete HCD 691 (3 hours) which is the research aspect of the mastery project and HCD 699 (3 hours) which is the project completion. Mastery project and comprehensive written exams are required for completion of the MS HCD degree.
:To complete the Master of Science degree in Human Capital Development, students must achieve a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average, complete all coursework, pass comprehensive examinations, and successfully complete a mastery project.

Human Capital Development Master's

Students must be registered for a minimum of three (3) hours during the semester comprehensive exams are taken.

Please note that, while strongly encouraged, participation in individual and group study are entirely up to you. Passing comprehensive exams is your personal responsibility.

No additional instruction or re-instruction will be provided by the faculty. By delivering the curriculum provided during your coursework, The University of Southern Mississippi has already met its obligation to help you prepare for the exam. Your coursework has given you the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully complete the written comprehensive exam.

It is important to remember that class materials are not permanently available in the online Blackboard classroom. You should download any materials that will aid in the studying for the exam after each class ends.
Integrity Assurance Program (IAP)
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