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Action Plan oGCDP 13-14

No description

Klai Seif

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Action Plan oGCDP 13-14

Action Plan Department of oGCDP 13-14 What went wrong My Vision Low Realizations

No clear Vision about oGCDP
Lack of organization and structuring for oGCDP
not implementing correctly the OGX 2.0

a huge number of members in the LC that lacks knowledge about OGX and myaiesec.net Best LC in oGCDP

New oGCDP culture in the LC

Highly developed members

Create Global Citizens Seifeddine KLAI My Main Objectives How am I going to do it ? Deliver it all as one network

Optimized Process

Adapt the OGX 2.0 to LC's realty

Do more while better Segment the market

Evolve and create the products we want to promote

Create and manage the marketing channel

Proceed by a Focused sales based on what we've extracted from the researches During the Internship Create a Data base and tracking tools for EPs during Internships To manage the Follow UP

Track our EPs wherever they went Until they get home Showing Impact 100% Growth at least
Never leave behind the Market analysis phase
2 Big EP Campaigns
Boost oGCDP performance
At least about 30% of the realizations in winter's peak
Maintain a stable selection process
A stable preparation process
Build strong relations with foreign LCs The Process The Market analysis phase Manage the following operations one by one In every customer's journey Promotion Our BOOTH
Through student organizations
Class room presentation (Info sessions)
Social networks and website
oGCDP Booklet Selection Process People you reach People applying People raised Phone filtration Application Filtration Interviews Raising sessions
Individual raising Selection based on the global competency model Proceed to preparation
and Induction EP Preparation OGX Preparation Seminar AIESEC Induction Global Mindset (Cultural shock + how to be a global citizen) They have to understand the whole process (GCDP Flow) They have to know their rights (XPP) Customer
XP Matching strategies LC to LC + MC to LC Partnerships

Matching mania

Search tools, AFT... Reintegrate Returnees

Evaluation of the Internship by getting
feedbacks from our customers

Put it all in one data base for next generations
+ to facilitate the market segmentation

Share the impact in our website
& social networks oGCDP Projects Develop more RISE and widen its options and target audiences

Integrate EPs in social work with NGO's before going on GCDP to learn more about our purpose and set their minds clear about stepping up and going abroad
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