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Beware of the Dog

No description

Angelica Rivas

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Beware of the Dog

Plot Summary
Peter Williamson is having a hallucination in a hospital, and his whereabouts are unknown.

In his hallucination, he is dreaming that he is flying a Spitfire plane back to his home country England.

As he is flying this plane, a bomb strikes his plane causing him to lose his right leg

He decides to jump from the plane and soon wakes up from his dream in this hospital

Rising Action
After waking up Peter believes that he is safe in Brighton and the nurse confirms that he is in hospital in England.
Rising Actions
Junkers 88
The nurse comes into Peter’s room to give him a bath. The water, she uses is very hard. Peter remembers that as a child, the water in Brighton is soft but keeps it to himself

Peter hears the engine of Junkers 88 flying above his room, he is unsure if what he is hearing is true and believes he is delirious.
The next morning Peter crawls out of his hospital bed, looks out the window and reads a sign that says “Garde au Chien” Beware of the Dog, which means he is in France not England.
After putting together the all three events Peter confirms his suspicions that he is not in England but in France and has been taken captive by the Germans

Falling Action
Peter remembers his IO Officer, Johnny, informing every pilot that if they are captured to only reveal their name, rank, and number.

He is informed that an RAF member would like to speak to him, now aware of his true identity he speaks to him.

The "wing commander of the RAF" asks Peter a few questions and he now knows to only reveal his name, rank and number.

1944's, during World War II
Junkers 88 flying above Peter while he sleeps.
A hospital in France
french sign, hospital bed, nurse
Anxious, lot's of unanswered questions
Worried, unaware of what might happen next
Agitated, not aware of his surroundings
Apprehensive, uneasy about the situation.
Literary Devices
“It’ll be the channel” he thought, “I'm sure to fall into the drink”

“The sun was white like clouds”,
“Its hard as nails”

Literary Devices
“Garde au Chien” sign symbolizes that he is in France
“Beware of the Dog”, the author hints to the reader that the dog in the story is the Germans.

At the beginning of the story, Peter has a flashback to what he had experienced as a pilot in the war

Point of View
Roald Dahl
Angelica, Poppy, Melissa & Elysha
The story is told from the
third person
perspective because the narrator is outside of the story and presents the thoughts of all characters involved.
In this story the main theme present is
"Appearances can be deceiving,"
as at first Peter believes that he has been rescued after his crash and is safe back in Brighton, England. However he eventually figures out that he is in fact in France, confirming his suspicions that he has been captured by the opposing side. This demonstrates the theme as you must look past appearances and first judgements because things are not always as they appear.

The protagonist in the story is Peter Williamson, a british airman in the R.A.F during World War 2. We can infer he is the Protagonist as the story focuses around his experiences. The antagonist in the story are the german agents who are disguised as a british nurse, doctor, and wing commander as they are deceiving Peter's trust. The story reveals that Peter lost one of his legs in action, this lead to him being treated in a hospital which he originally believed to be in England however he realized he was in fact in France and had become a Prisoner of War, and been captured by the enemy.
The main conflict in the story is person vs person because Peter is at conflict with the other characters involved as they are trying to manipulate him, this type of conflict can be identified as external because it is a struggle between two or more rivaling characters happening in the outside world. It is the main conflict as the story revolves around this conflict and it is visible in the climax and other elements of the plot.
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