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Samira Balsara

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of India

Relative Location
Country of origin
My mother was born in Guwahati,Assam
My father was born in Mumbai
The longitude and latitude of Guwahati is 26.1833° N, 91.7333° E
The longitude and latitude of Mumbai is 18.9750° N, 72.8258° E
Country,Longitude and Latitude
India's capital city is New Delhi
The longitude and Latitude of New Delhi is 28° 38' N, 77° 13' E
The longitude and Latitude of India is 21.0000° N, 78.0000° E
India is positioned on the Indian subcontinent
South central Asia
India is located in both the eastern and western hemisphere
India is bordered with Pakistan,Afghanistan,China, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar
Area and Population
Population of India is 1,270,272,105 (1.27 billion). The male population is 655.8 million and the female population 614.4 million. In 2012 the population was 1.22 billion. The area of India is 3,287,263 km². It is a very large country.
Physical Regions
India has many physical regions. India is surrounded with many bodies of water. On the East Coast, is the Bay of Bengal, on the West Coast , the Arabian Sea and on the South Coast, is the Indian Ocean. To the North, there are mountains called the Himalayas. Some of the mountains are the Kanchenjunga,the third highest mountain in a India. Nanda Devi the second highest mountain in India and Kedarnath. Some of the rivers in India are the Ganga River, the Yamuna River and the Brahmaputra River. India also has has desert regions in a Western State called Rajasthan.
Human Regions

India has many human regions. Mumbai,New Delhi,Chennai our huge cities that our urban, cosmopolitan and our westernized and have all the modern facility's. People there are educated and mostly work in offices and industries. A majority of India is agricultural and suburban.The people there are mostly uneducated and work in farms and fields.
There are many languages and dialects in each state. There our 22 official languages. the 2 official languages are Hindi and English. There are 4 major religions in India. Hinduism (80%), Islam (13%),Christianity (2%), Sikhism (2%). Indians are religiously diverse and tolerant. There is only one time zone in India called Indian Standard Time (IST).
Map of India
Saffron- a symbol of courage
White- Peace and Honesty
Green- Hope,Joy,Fertility,Love
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