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David Gambrell

No description

Hull Elementary

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of David Gambrell

Minor Characters
Status Update
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The main ideal I think is that the kid are trying to figure out they are wanted.Alex was the first one,his parents told him when he was ten.Two of the kids were wanted.
I thought that this book was great for me.You sould also try to read this book if you could.It was a great book,it was realy funny.At first, when I was reading the book it did not make sense.Then after page by page,it felt like it was the right book I chose.
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settings-after noon
situation-All the kids have to come to school for several weeks.
Title:The Unwanted Author:Lisa Mcmann Book Genre:fantasy Lexile Level:880 Sub Genre:Main article
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David Gambrell
The Unwanted
There was a hint of wind comming over the stone walls and through the barbed-wire sky on the day Alexander/Alex Stowe was to be purged.

Thank you for watching
The Main Character's
Samheed-Who stood several inches taller and weighed several pounds more tha Alex.
Alex-Alex has likely been eliminated by now.
Mr.Today-Since his smile was so animated,his delight so obvious.
Justine-Long may she rule the land of wanteds!
Meghan-Didn't know quite what to think about the spacious quarters.
Aaron-Appeared the sinister face of the High Priest Justine.
Main Idea's
The Minor characters would be Alex and Aaron.
Aaron-among the ludest,even though he wondered
how they could fight so well when the Quillitary
vehicles kept breaking down and falling into rusty.
Alex-He knew that he was Unwanted,and had known ever since his parents had told him over
breakfast when he was ten,the knowledge and three years of preparation weren't enough to stop the sweat that pricked his armpits now.
Mr.Today's office:
place-Mr.Today's office
situation-the boys have to learn from their mistake.
The kids did not want to be wanted.All the unwanteds were happy.So,when the kids find out what they are it may be good or bad news to them.It's best for them to not figure out what they are.So they can all have a happy life.
Mr.Today-he has chose to be in the Stone mansion.
Alex-he is Aaron Stowe brother,his real name is Alexander.
Meghan-she has chosen to be in the art class.
Samheed-he has his own chapter called Samheed's First Secret.
Justine-she rules the land of the wanteds.
Aaron-he was going to be in the Quillitary.
In the book it tells me that some are wanted and unwanted.So all of the kids one by one are figureing out what they are.They should just let it be,and move on.
When the character found out the mistake they might get happy, sad, or mad.The characters are going to be sad and wished it didn't happen.So,anyways it did happen.What I do is learn from my mistakes and move on in life.
The meaning of the story is the kids have to figure out what they are.Then later in the story it shows good expresion.Next,When you read The Unwanteds you will find out why it is a mystery.
The reading strategies I use for reading this book is
1.I always picture it in my head
2.I also read the book and image me their as a character
Yes,my friend would read this book and his name is Lance.He is also reading The Unwanteds as his book report.
About the auther
1.She is New York Times best selling auther
2.She has made over 20 books
3.She also plays minecraft
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