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No description

Ramon Godos Rodrigo

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Destiny


The closest revolution of social gaming
This project was made by:

Gema Juárez Almazán
Irene Solera Cabezuelo
Borja Escrig Perez
Ramón Godos Rodrigo
1. Why did we choose this topic?

2. What is Destiny and its features?
3. Pros and cons of Destiny
4. The consequence of videogames
in real life
5. Recommendation to prevent addiction
6. Conclusion
2. What is destiny?
3. Pros and cons of Destiny
1. Why did we choose this topic?
We are living in a world where videogames are dominating our lives and this is very sad.
Destiny is a futuristic game that takes place in a world ravaged by war.

It mixes two genres: RPG and shooters, acquiring features from both worlds.
Destiny has pros and cons, not
only inside the videogame,
but it is also affecting real life more
than we think.
4. The consequence of
videogames in real life
1.- Need of social networks
and websites
2.- Free wi-fi zones
Go out and enjoy the world we live in, over being stuck in a false reality!
5. Recommendation to prevent addiction
Control yourself and be sociable, this way of
life makes you being a lonely human.

Play if you want but as a hobby, do not let
videogames control your life.

To evade addiction, play only with
friends and only for one
or two hours
or I'll shoot you
Now give me a 10
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