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Copy of Master ASL Unit 4 - Part 2

No description

Megan Sonneborn

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Master ASL Unit 4 - Part 2

Friendship Signs
Best Friend/Good Friend

To Get Together
To Go Out/Leave
1. She is my best friend. Her name is Andrea.
2. Do you want to get together tonight?
3. I've known him for four years.
4. I met my sweetheart at work.
5. He wants to go out with her, but she can't.
6. On Saturday we are going to the beach.
7. We've been buddies since we were 7 years old.
8. My good friend is named _____________.
9. We want to get together.
Sign the following sentences in ASL:
1. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Single/married?
2. What is your best friend's name?
3. How long have you known your best friend?
4. Do you like to get together with friends?
5. Who do you want to go out with?
Find a new friend. Ask them the following questions in ASL:
Master ASL Unit 4 - Part 2
The sign "to have" indicates the literal possession of something, so you don't need to include have when signing "How long have you..."
Expression Corner: "Verbal Fight"
ASL distinguishes between a literal, physical fight and a heated exchange of words, known as a "verbal fight." Look closely at the sign; can you see why the sign is appropriate in a signed confrontation? How do you know?
Relationship Signs
To argue
To Date
To Fall in Love
To Get Along
To Flirt
Look at the bottom of page 149 - Homework Exercise 5. Do assignment B with your table mates. Make your story creative and fun!! WRITE IN ASL! At least 5 sentences.
How do I fix Mistakes?
Mistakes are going to happen - let's admit it! Knowing how to correct mistakes in ASL is important. When you make a mistake, use any of these signs and continue signing. The most common are "oops" and "wave-no." Use a "wave-no" to correct information or to draw attention to a mistake.
Which "fixing" sign best matches the concept?
1. I can't remember the sign...
2. He's from....let's see, uh, I don't know.
3. No! I don't want to go out to eat.
4. The homework is due Wednesday...No, wait...it's due Friday.
5. Your name isn't Val? Oops...it slipped my mind. What's your name?
6. Oh, I need to start again.
7.I signed that the wrong way - I meant love, not love-it.
8. It's on the tip of my tongue...
The Verb: "To Go"
When talking about a singular person use like this:
When talking about a group of people use like this:
Sign the following sentences in ASL:
1. Tim fell in love with Angela but they're not dating.
2. I have a date on Saturday. Do you?
3. No, I think they broke up.
4. My older brother loves to flirt.
5. I get along with my parents.
6. She argued with her best friend. Now, they don't get along.
7. Should I date her?
8. I love my sweetheart!
9. Do you want to go out with us?
10. They've been together for 3 years.
Describing Qualities:
To Be Cute
To Be Pretty/Beautiful
To Smile
To Be Ugly
To Annoy/Bother
To Laugh
To Be Mean
To Be Sweet
To Be Interesting
To Be Lazy
To Be Motivated
To Be Negative
To Work Hard
What are you like? Ask a partner which applies to him/her. When done, switch roles and repeat the exercise.
1. Like to smile
2. Mean
3. Shy
4. Cute
5. Easy-going
6. Like to go out
7. Arrogant
8. Friendly
9. Pretty
10. Mischevious
11. Like to annoy people
12. Funny
Deaf World
Deaf world refers to the Deaf community's clubs, sporting competitions, and social events where Deaf people form the majority and ASL is the language everybody knows, uses, and cherishes.
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