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All About Animals

Sales Presentation for MKT 420

Katie Hobbs

on 15 August 2010

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Transcript of All About Animals

About us All About Animals is a no-kill animal shelter that gives dogs and cats a home until permanent homes can be found. It’s time to end the practice of killing healthy pets. Do YOU have a place in your home to share with a needy animal? How Much is That Doggie
in the Window? --Katie Hobbs (AP) Imagine you're walking around the old mall. You walk past the pet store and see dozens of cute little puppies wagging their tails and fighting with each other.

You just can't resist begging your boyfriend for that $600 miniature Doberman you've always wanted. But you, being the responsible future pet owner, have a few questions for the salesperson. He tells you that all of the store's puppies come from breeder's they've done business with for years, and that each puppy comes with AKC papers and a health certificate. But wait, there's more, your puppy also comes with a lifetime guarantee!

"I thought I was getting this terrific deal on a toy poodle, boy was I wrong" says Adam Mauldin of Warner Robins. "My beloved Fluffykins died a week after I got him!" Sadly, this kind of things happen all the time. Let's uncover the truth behind what you hear at the pet store.

Start with the lifetime guarantee. That really means that if your puppy gets sick, you can take the puppy back to the store, and they'll give you a new puppy and euthanize the sick one. Sounds like they're really looking out for you, right?

But the puppy came with a health certificate What every future pet owner needs to know. certificate, it wasn't supposed to get sick in the first place! The vet only does minimal check-up work before writing the health certificate. It really doesn't mean anything. AKC papers don't really mean anything either. Just because both parents were registered doesn't mean they weren't screened for temperament or problems like hip displaysia.

Most pet store puppies come from puppy mills, where "breeders" keep dozens or even hundreds of puppies in tiny cages, where they get to spend every bit of their time eating, sleeping, and living where they use the bathroom. Cool huh? you get a healthy pet it's a lot cheaper you know more about the pet you save a life you're supporting the no-kill movement
you're doing a good deed
community service looks good on your resume
you can enjoy the benefits of having a pet without the commitment
you'll feel all warm and fuzzy inside Write or Call Us

All About Animals Rescue
P. O. Box 4331
Macon, GA 31208
Phone: 478-621-5116
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