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The Caddo Indians

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 13 September 2018

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Transcript of The Caddo Indians

Where did they live?
The Caddos were original residents of the Southern Plains, and lived in Texas (in the Region of East Texas), Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.
What did their houses look like?
The Caddos didn't live in teepees, and there were actually two different types of Caddo houses. The Caddos in eastern Louisiana lived in tall beehive houses that looked like this.
Tools or Weapons?
The Caddo used many tools and weapons, when they went fishing, they used basket traps and when the went to go chop down wood, they used axes with heavy stone heads. Farmers used tools such as hoes and spades, which they made from wood, carved bone, and mussel shells. Hunters mostly used bows and warriors usually fought with tomahawks, fired their bows or fought with lances.
What did they eat?
Since the Caddo were amazing farmers, crops they may have harvested are corn, pumpkins, sunflowers and beans. The men hunted for deer and buffalo and would go fishing in the rivers. Traditional foods include cornbread, soup and stews. The men also went mining for salt in the Texas mines.
Thank you!
The Caddo Tribe
The word Caddo is pronounced 'CAD-oh'. The word comes from the tribes own name for themselves, Kadohadacho. The meaning for the name isn't truly known, but some Caddo people think it is a word from the native language, that means "True Chief", but others think it was place name that comes from the Caddo word for "sharp".
Learn some of the Caddo language!
1 : wist see
2 : bit
3 : dah hoe
4 : hee weh
5 : dee sik uhn
The Caddo Tribe
Made By Bella And Annika
Who did they interact with?
The Caddo tribe interacted with many tribes that were in the southern plains. Here I will list a few: Kiowa, Osage, Quapaw and Comanche. They were usually friendly to these tribes, condering they were known to be friendly, trading goods and intermarrying, but other times they fought wars with eachother.
This is the Caddo Flag
The western Caddos,
(in Texas and Oklahoma)
lived in earthen lodges
with thatched roofs.
They looked like this.
Black : ha deek ko
Blue : banushahah
Green : ba-noo-sha
Purple : dankank'uh
Red : Hatinu
White : hakaayu
Yellow/Orange : hak'ayk'u
{Language is called "Kua'at"}
What did the Caddo wear?
The Caddo people are most famous for their beautiful pottery. The artists decorated pots and bottles in many, many different ways and styles.
The early Caddo men wore breechcloths made from bark fabric or from deerskin. The women wore a knee-length skirt which was also made from bark fabric and deerskin. Both Caddo men and women paint their faces for special occasions and also decorated their bodies with piercings and tatoos.
However, the Caddos began to change their style of clothing with the arrival of the Europeans.
There is no specific religion for the Caddo,but in the late 1800s, many Caddo joined the Ghost Dance Religion.
What about the art?
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