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Winkler 7th Grade Concert Band

June 5th Concert

Scott Mills

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of Winkler 7th Grade Concert Band

Band Humor
Refrain from talking.
Set cell phones to stun.
Silence all crying children.
Do not take flash photography during performance.
Do not get up to leave from your seat, or make your way back to your seat while the band is playing.
Applaud at appropriate times.
Come to the concert expecting the best.
Concert Etiquette
Good evening and welcome!
Tonight's featured ensembles are:
Winkler WINd Band
Winkler 7th Grade Concert Band
Winkler 8th Symphonic Band
8th Grade Percussion Ensemble

H. E. Winkler Band Program
Band Humor
Band Humor
Scott Mills, Director of Bands
H. E. Winkler Middle School
Ugly Christmas Sweater Concert
All District Auditions
Video Game Truck
Upcoming Dates
Band Humor

Band Humor
Winkler MS All County Participants
Video Game Truck for students to play
popular video games.
Thur, December 17th during class.
In bus parking lot.
For students that met fundraiser selling
requirements and for students that pay
$10.00 to take part in the event.
*Checks payable to HWMS
Fill out and return permission form along
with $10.00 to Mr. Mills by Thur, Dec 17th.
Wednesday, December 18th
Weddington Elementary School Concert
Winkler Auditorium
Performances at 9:20 & 10:00am
Because we love to play and share music!
All 7th & 8th Grade Band Members
Winkler Band Caroling
Saturday, January 9th
Southpoint High School
Gastonia, NC
Transportation is provided by
Mr. Mills (activity bus)
Opportunity to showcase
individual talent/achievement
among peer base.
Band Humor
Band Humor
All County Clinic
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