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Build your digital platform & maximize your LinkedIn alumni network (April 2015 update)

Presented by Dan Gould for UChicago GradUCon 2015

Dan Gould

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Build your digital platform & maximize your LinkedIn alumni network (April 2015 update)

Session Goals
Understand how to build a professional, online presence
Demonstrate best practices for creating a dynamic, digital network
Gain knowledge of LinkedIn as a platform and capitalize on its functionality to engage with your UChicago alumni community
Why LinkedIn?
347 million users
107 million users in the United States
Geographical reach: 200 countries and territories
50% of internet users with college educations use LinkedIn
200 conversations per minute occurring in LinkedIn Groups
187 million monthly unique visitors
30,000 long-form posts added each week
Let's Get Started: Creating a relevant profile
Take control of your personal brand
Use your same comfort level as you would at a cocktail party
Your LinkedIn page might be the first (or only) introduction to someone
Build your digital platform & maximize your LinkedIn alumni network
Make a plan:
What do you want to accomplish...today?
What is your career goal?
Who do you know?
Who do you want to reach?
What do you want to tell your audience(s)?

Your profile is a piece of dynamic media
Make a networking philosophy that encompasses online and offline

First Obstacle:
First Impressions
Use a picture. Profiles with photos get 7-8x more views as those without
Use keywords in your heading
Use the name you go by, conversationally
Add a summary
You are in 100% in control
What do you need someone to know about you?
Including specialties is helpful (though not required)
With whom should I connect?
Start with people you know
People you've worked with
Then get introduced
Organizations you want to work for
Shared connections
Shared interests
ALWAYS customize your request to connect
Use the contact importer
Search by former employers
How many people should I network with?

Develop a networking philosophy (and implement it on and offline)

You made it! Now commit to a plan
Finish Your Profile (90% or higher)
Bring your connections over the Dunbar threshold (150)
LinkedIn Groups
Communities Around Specific Topics
Different Types
How Many to Join?
Two ways to search for Alumni on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Alumni Tool
Advanced Search
Search for alumni on uchicagoalumni.org
Endorsements (different than recommendations)
Endorsements are here to stay
Only first-degree connections can endorse you
You can, and should, hide some endorsements
Match your endorsements with your skills
You don't have to reciprocate, but it can be a good idea
Recruiters don't care about endorsements...yet

Add papers, research, and presentations
Multimedia content
Link directly to job/student experience
2,000 words to tell your audience something NOT on your resume
My passion for connecting people has brought me to the higher education and nonprofit sectors, where I work to cultivate ambassadors for the greater work that we can do together. As a team leader, mentor, teacher, and volunteer, I strive to help people achieve.

Specialties: Volunteer management, relationship building, strategic planning, mentoring, dry humor, persistently teaching
*Adapted from "Everything you need to know about Linkedin endorsements" http://www.forbes.com/sites/susanadams/2012/12/04/everything-you-need-to-know-about-linkedin-endorsements/
maintaining stable social relationships
"strength of weak ties"
Golden Mean
Join the U Chicago Alumni Group
Dan Gould
Senior Associate Director, Alumni Relations Career & Affinity Programs
University of Chicago

Join 3-5 Groups
(U Chicago Alumni)
Visit LinkedIn at least Weekly
Introduce yourself to two new alumni
Register on the alumni directory
Donkey Kong and all related images are the intellectual property of Nintendo®
When a contact endorses you
When a contact accepts your request
When a contact gets a new job
When you see a contact post an interesting article
When a contact looks at your profile

Ready Player One?
Before you press play...
Remember: you're in control of your content
Devise a plan, first
Understand the gamification of LinkedIn

Gamification elements
Add an industry
New feature!
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