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Changing Santa Maria

No description

Anabell Sanchez

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Changing Santa Maria

Some teachers sometimes really make school boring. School should be fun and really understanding here are some things we thought would be better was to teach

- Everyone should be involved in class
-Everyone should work n groups
-Fun learning games about the subject
-fun websites to read
-better ways to explain the subject Up Grading Sammy The Saint Start Santa Maria High School Roller Coaster: The Way To Change Our School Some students don't eat at all for the fact that
they don't like the food or it get them sick
*we should have heatlyer food/drinks like
-More water
- Fresher fruit
- Food made with less oil/fat
-more juice
-Give more salads, but before giving them
always check they would and arent expired. Sammy is our important person in our school he tells us never to give up & to graduate high shool and he tells us by cheering us on our games & rallys and he should be honerd by making him better looking Schedule Change Better Way Of Teaching Healthy Better Food Repainting Buildings *First get cheerleaders to raise $$$ for paint
*get student/teachers to help paint the school More Rally/ Spirit Days Clean Campus Better Clubs Get Better Technology For School
This was the Saints Roller Coaster Hope You Liked It & I Know We Could Make A Change Santa Maria High School

Adian Torres

Ana Sanchez

Maria Lorenzo

Omar Hernandez Regular Schedule
A Block 7:20-8:00
1st Block 8:15-8:57
2n block 9:00-9:42
3rd block 9:45-10:27
Break 10:27-10:37
4th Block 10:37-11:19
5th Block 11:22-12:04
Lunch 12:04-12:35
6th Block 12:37-1:19
7th Block 1:24-2:05 Late Start
A block: 8:05-8:40
1st Block: 8:58-9:33
2nd Block 9:36-10:11
3rd Block 10:14-10:49
Break 10:49-10:59
4th Block 10:59-11:34
5th Block 11:37-12:12
Lunch 12:12-12:42
6th Block 12:45-1:19
7th Block 1:23-2:05 The rallys and spirt day are the most important days for students. Why? because they like to show there school spirit and fun at the rallys. We should have diffrent types of spirit days for example:

-Costume day
-Crazy hair day
-cowboy day
-sports day
-nerd day
-hat day
-hollywood day
-80's day
supr hero day Rallys should be held at the Football field

-for more room
-for everyone could see at the sametime
-people who are atending rallys should act once insted of acting the same thing twice Are campus is like are home we should keep it clean and not messy here are something we should do to make it ean and GREEN

-recycle everything, especially paper
-limit the use of disposible cups, plates& napkins
-pick up your trash afer eating We should have more clubs for students
for instince:
- more sports
we should have more tecnology in school because we would be able to have more was of doing class work & homework
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