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The Devil's Arithmetic

No description

Laura Cody

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of The Devil's Arithmetic

Author Jane Yolen
Book genre : Historical Fiction
Gitl, Shmuel, Rivka and Chaya( who is Hannah)
The Devil's Arithmeetic
5 Adjectives
New York Times says "must read"
Mom says "spine-tingling"
Aiden says "great book that shows what we really have to be apreciative for."
5th and up
Summary 1
Hanna is 12 and is going to a dinner called a
Seder which is a Jewish celebration for remembering the people who have died in the concentration camps. Her Jewish name Chaya is named after her aunts dead friend. She is told to open the door and invite prophet Elijah in. She is mysteriously transported back into the past.
summery 2
In this new reality her parents and brother have just died from a very bad fever so she goes to live with her uncle and aunt. Her uncle is getting married. On their way to the place where they are going to get married there are 2 black cars and a line of army trucks. They are told to get in the trucks then they are put on a train for 4 days. They arrive in a concentration camp.
summery 3
It is horrible. There is barely any food and the guards are mean. They also had hard work daily and very bad sleeping conditions. Still she learns how to survive in the camp and make friends. Their names are Esther and Shifre; one of them is named Rivka. She teaches the girls the rules of survival in the camp. An officer sees the girls not working and says, "I am to find three people to be executed. The girls are upset. He says only three he chooses Esther, Shifre, and Rivka. Chaya tells Rivka to switch places with her so she saves her life.
By Aiden

The end
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