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WEC Foundation, WEC Ethics and Etiquette

No description

Jordan Youd

on 8 March 2017

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Transcript of WEC Foundation, WEC Ethics and Etiquette

WEC Foundation, WEC Ethics and Etiquette
There is only one life raft and it can only fit 9 people.
The list of the people on the boat is as follows;
A pregnant mother
Kim Kardashian
Justin Beiber
A doctor who has just found the cure for cancer
A professional holyperson
A professional fisherman
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
A litter of 3 week old puppies/kittens
A lawyer
An architect
A dentist
An eight year-old child
A 90 year-old grandmother
The yacht captain
As a group you must decide who gets to get on the raft and live and who has to stay on the yacht and as the saying goes, "Go down with the ship."
Must be able to explain and defend the choices you made as a group.
This is an impossible situation, meaning that there is no clean and perfect way to come to consensus regarding this list because, deciding who gets to live and who has to die are extremely convoluted decisions. In work it is much more likely that you will face ethical situations that have a clear right and wrong choice and thus, a correct decision to make. The problems you will most often face in work will not be how tough an ethical decision you are having to make, but rather your decision will come down to laziness, peer/administrative pressure, a misplaced sense of loyalty or a simple mistake or oversight.
Here enters the GOLDEN RULE.
You and 15 other passengers are on a yacht in rough, cold seas. You are at least five days sailing distance from the nearest land. The yacht suddenly, and catastrophically begins taking on water, and the Captain announces over the intercom that the ship cannot be saved.
The one thing that I will add to this list is the need to edit, edit, and re-edit until you are certain you have what you want to say and only what you want to say in the email.
Go the extra mile
Be helpful
Always wash your hands
Be appropriate
Clean up after yourself
Be confident
Be thoughtful
Be a pig
Be a perv
Be comically violent or abusive
Sign deals in blood
Be naked
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