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Spongebob Squarepants

No description

jessica fleeman

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants
Family and close relationships
Influential relationships
Freud's Theory
Spongebob is a happy-go-lucky sponge with parents who rarely come around. He knows happiness and spreads it to everyone as best as he can. Although the people of Bikini Bottom think that he is an annoying trouble-maker he doesn't let their comments affect his mood and personality.
Spongebob in a wink
Spongebob is a loveable character that knows exactly how to push one's button without realizing it.
His hobbies include;
Flipping patties at the Krusty Krab
hanging with his friends
loving his pet snail Gary
His birthday is July 14th, 1986
By: Jessica Fleeman
He is the son of Margaret and Harold Squarepants
Larry, Stanley, BlackJack, and Todd are all his cousins.
His grandparents are Grandpa and Grandma Squarepants
He has two uncles; Sherm and Blue.
He has SpongeBuck, Primitive Sponge, SpongeGar, and SpongeTron as ancestors.
Mr. Crabs
Partick Star
Sandy Cheeks
Mrs. Puff
oral stage
(birth-18 months)
The oral stage is when the child fixates on the mouth, lips, and tounge. The child usually sucks, swallows, or chews on things in order to pleasure his needs.
: Chronic eater or gum chewer if the need is not met
Anal Stage
( 18 months-3 years)
Erotic feelings center on the anus and an elimination. This is usually the time when parents potty trian.
if potty training doesn't go well the child becomes: anal, stingy with money, they hoard.
Phallic Stage
(after 3)
This stage centers on the genitals. the child begins to get a sexual attachment on the parent of the opposite sex and jealously toward the parent of the same sex.
Latency stage
A period in which girls play with girls and boys play with boys, neither one pays much attention to the opposite sex.
Genital Stage
This is the final stage of normal adult sexual development, usually marked by mature sexuality such as; postponed gratification, a sense of responsibility, and caring for each other.
his take on personality is all sexual based.
he says that everyone's personality comes from what they have done in early childhood.
your personality is controlled by your environment.
The Big Five
1. Extroversion
Warmth, gregariousness, assertiveness, activity, excitement-seeking, positive emotions.
(opposite of an introvert)
2. Agreeableness
Trust, straightforwardness, altruism, compliance, modesty, tender-mindedness.
3. Conscientiousness/
Competence, order, dutifulness, achievement-striving, self-discipline, deliberation.
4. Emotional Stability
Anxiety, hostility, depression, self-consciousness, impulsiveness, vulnerability
5. openness to experience/culture/ intellect
Fantasy, aesthetics, feelings, actions, ideas, values.
Carl Rogers
Humanistic Personality Theory:
Any personality theory that asserts the fundamental goodness of people and their striving toward higher levels of functioning.
Actualizing tendency
The drive of every organism to fulfill its biological potential and become what it is inherently capable of becoming.
(everything is awesome)
Self-actualizing Tendency
The drive of human beings to fulfill their self-concepts
fully functioning person
An individual whose self-concept closely resembles his/her unborn potentials
Freud's Theory
Oral Stage
Spongebob has a fixation on eating, whenever he eats he eats in excess, this could be linked to his parents not giving him the necessary tools to satisfy his oral needs.
Anal Stage
Spongebob did not have trouble with this stage because he is very laid back and carefree, he is not stingy. in fact, in one episode he threw all his money away rather than keep it.
Phallic Stage
Spongebob never really had an attachment to his parents. in the series he lives on his own and we very rarely see his parents.
Latency Stage
Spongebob never really got out of this stage, most of the people he hangs out with are male. whenever Spongebob is with a female character he gets nervous and jittery with one exception; Sandy. Sandy has been around spongebob for forever so he is one of the only girls he is comfortable around.
Genital Stage
Spongebob has not reached this stage yet. He is adult in the series buut he has no desire to be in love or do any "love" things. This stage has not been met.
The Big Five
Spongebob is a definite extrovert. He keeps nothings to himself and is very outgoing and always happy.
Spongebob is not very good at keeping secrets, he tries but when he's pressured he eventually caves. on the other hand he is very tender-minded because he always sees the good in things and has a huge heart for everything.
Conscientiousness/ Dependability
Spongebob will stop at nothing to accomplish what he seeks out to do, this take self-discipline as well as dutifulness.
Emotional Stability
Spongebob can go from happy-go-lucky to bawling in a blink. He has no emotional stability. He is anxious and impulsive.
Spongebob has a huge imagination, he will think anything you tell him is true and if it's not he will make it become true. his mind is always going in 100 different directions at any given time.
Personality evaluation
Carl Rogers
Humanistic Personality Theory:
Spongebob makes any situation happy though it is not always appropriate. everything is good in his head and nothing can go wrong (though it usually does).
Actualizing Tendancy:
Spongebob is himself, he knows what he is supposed to be and he does that. he does what he knows that he is supposed to be doing regardless if it is right or wrong. If he does something wrong he tries to fix it but ends up making it worse in the end.
Self-Actualizing Tendancy
Fully Functioning Person
Songebob is an unconditioned positive regard person. He likes everyone as soon as he lays his eyes on you, before he knows your name he likes you. That is just the type of person he is, he doesn't judge people. He is friends with everyone even if the person does not like him back.
Fry cook, cashier, waiter, and manager at The Krusty Krab
Creator and short term owner of the Pretty Patties
Store owner of the Krusty Krab
Director of The Real Mermaid Man and Baracle Boy Movie
Mayor of New Kelp City
Shiny Object Collector of The Krusty Krab
Prison Guard
Driver's ed instructor at the Bikini Bottom Prison
Society sees Spongebob as a burden. Spongebob is nothings more than a trouble-maker that ruins everything that he touches.
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