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Darllen a deall e-bost

No description

Claire Dobbs

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of Darllen a deall e-bost

Nodau'r wers:
: Bydd pawb yn medru trefnu'r e-bost Cymraeg yn gywir wrth edrych ar yr e-bost Saesneg.

: Bydd y mwyafrif yn medru cyfieithu'r e-bost yn gywir.

: Bydd rhai yn medru cyfieithu e-bost newydd heb help.
E-bost Ffion
Hi, how are you?

On the weekend, I went to see Olly Murs in the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff. I went with my friend Claire because she likes Olly Murs too.

He sang and he danced brilliantly. He was great! Claire sang and danced too. After the show, I bought a T-shirt and a book. It cost £15. I bought a poster for my brother as well. I
went home on the bus at 11 o’clock. I really enjoyed myself!


Yr Amser Gorffennol
he played= chwaraeodd e
…ais i
– I
…aist ti
– You
…odd e
– He
…odd h
i – She
…odd Tom
– Tom (name)
…on ni
– We
…och chi
– You (p)
…on nhw
- They

Dwy seren a dymuniad
I tried my best to translate the e-mail correctly from English to Welsh

Use the dictionary to find out the meaning of Welsh words I'm unsure of.
Complete the table: write the name of the 4 different genres and your opinion of the music in Welsh (full sentences).
chwaraeodd Sam
dawnsiodd hi
canodd Cheryl
gwylioch chi
perfformion nhw
edrychaist ti
bwytais i
prynon ni
Mae llais da gyda fe –
He’s got a good voice
Mae llais gwych gyda hi –
She has a great voice
Mae lleisiau bendigedig gyda nhw –
They have brilliant voices.
Does dim llais da gyda hi –

She hasn’t got a good voice

Hi! How are you?
On Friday I watched The Hunger Games in the cinema in Cardiff. I went with my friend Rob. He bought tickets for us last weekend.
The film was amazing! The actors performed brilliantly. We ate lots of popcorn and sweets. After the film we played on the games. It cost me £5 for one game! It was fun. I really enjoyed the night.
What have you been doing?

E-bost Alana
Helo, sut wyt ti?
Ar y penwythnos, gwyliais i Olly Murs yn y Motorpoint Arena yng Nghaerdydd
Es i gyda fy ffrind Claire achos mae hi’n hoffi Olly Murs hefyd.

Cannodd a dawnsiodd e’n ardderchog
Roedd e’n wych!

Canodd a dawnsiodd Claire hefyd.

Ar ôl y sioe, prynais i grys-T a llyfr.

Costion nhw un deg pump punt.
Prynais boster am fy mrawd hefyd.
Es i adref ar y bws am un ar ddeg o’r gloch.
Mwynheais i yn fawr.
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