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World History

Honors Project

Rylee McCormick

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of World History

Where I come from... Dunning History of Dunning REALITY.... Demographics Assets to Dunning Parks Deficits of Dunning No recycling services Assets Deficits help Why was it purchased? Who Dunning was? this was a remote prairie land that Cook county purchased it to erect a "poor farm" and asylum for the insane 1851 Andrew Dunning purchased 120 acres just south of the county property to start a nursery and lay the groundwork for a village. He set aside 40 acres for the settlement, but proximity to the insane hospital kept settlers away. STEREOTYPES All white people Everyone has a good financial state What I first thought when I moved here... I'm close to my friends.
It such a nice neighborhood.
It looks clean.
So many people are outside! 1960...
99.8%- Caucasian
0.2%- Other races
0.0%- African American Change 2010...
• 70.38%-White
• 0.73%-African American
• 23.84%-Hispanic
• 3.7Asian
• 1.26%-Other Diverse Stores Hiawatha Park It is nice that we have parks all over where I live. You always see people at them, whether its sports, playing, or just enjoying the day. Access to everything Mall Libraries We access to a lot of different libraries right around us. You can have a suburban lifestyle but get the benefits of living in Chicago... A lot of Chicago policemen and firemen live by me because they need to live in Chicago but want to raise their children in a suburb We only have recycling drop offs throughout Dunning. No recycling services offered by the city. High Schools Public High Schools in our district aren't very well. Local public High Schools are low performing. We can utilize all the libraries we have so we can increase the performance of our elementary schools and high schools. We can use our access to everything to go places to recycle. * A lot of parks have recycling. Conclusion Never judge neighborhoods because a lot can be hidden when you first see it. Every community is different and has pros and cons.
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