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Introduction to Constellations

Young Astronomer's Class 1

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Transcript of Introduction to Constellations

Pictures in the sky Why do the constellations change throughout the year? What does this mean for how we see the sky? The Summer Triangle Connect the dots + imagination = constellations! Do you want more? The History Channel's Constellation intro Earth's Rotation The North Star is the star above the North Pole.
Polaris is the center of it all! Summer 88 Constellations! Asterism: A group of stars in a noticeable shape (but not actually an official constellation.) Kids ONLY Observing Club Revolution of the Earth Introduction to the Constellations Winter Spring Autumn Lyra the lyre Cygnus the Swan Aquila the Eagle Now let's get out and look at the sky! Constellation Hunter Program "Star Gazer" episode for the upcoming week Created By: Catherine Gallo www.cinastro.org
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