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Miss Julie - Set and Costume Design

No description

Chiara Verducci

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Miss Julie - Set and Costume Design

Miss Julie - Set and Costume Design
by Chiara V

Miss Julie
Miss Julie
The colour that I would have her wear is purple, red, black or dark blue, even though each colour has different meanings they still represent who she is.
Storage cupboard with pots and pans with other kitchen utensils
Table, chairs and benches (Wooden)
Undecorated walls
His uniform would be similar to a footman's uniform with dark colours and we are told towards the end that he has a uniform coat, which gives us an idea that he has a slightly higher status than what his character should have.

This play is a period play because Strindberg set the play in 1880 which meant that the costumes that would be worn in the play would be similar to the clothes that were worn in the Victorian era.
The costume is important in this play as it gives an idea of who that character is by what they are wearing.
long coat
(uniform coat)
waist coat
Strindberg tells us that the 'peasants singing and dancing to celebrate Midsummer Night'. I would use warm colours from the lights to create a Midsummer Night feel.
large in size
Stridberg tells us in Miss Julie that it is a naturalistic play, so the set would be in a naturalistic form. He also says that the set should be 'our imaginations are encouraged to implement what's there'.
The colour red has contrasting connotations such as danger, love, passion, anger, heat and death. This colour also represents Miss Julie as Strindberg describes Miss Julie as 'wild'. The scene between Miss Julie and Jean, she tells Jean that he is 'Extremely handsome,' but her emotion changes when he 'Tires to take her by the waist and kiss. She slaps him.' With her mood change really quickly I would use a low light of the colour red for whenever Miss Julie enters.
High necked
Rich colour and fabric
Colour represents her personality
Red represents:
fire, blood, energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination, passion, desire, and love.
Dark blue represents:
knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness.
Purple represents:
power, nobility, luxury, and ambition
Black represents:
elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery.
Costume Description
Miss Julie's character has a high status which means that her clothing would consist of rich fabric such as silk and lace to show wealth.
Her costume would be a full skirt and very large to show her wealth and status, this also attracts the eye as the colours from the dress would be noticeable.
Formal shoes
Plain colours
Hair up
Long, full skirt
Kristin wears a typical 19th century servant. This uniform shows us that she must have a low status, as her hair would be off her face hidden in a bun or cap.
The colours on her uniform are very plain which represents the lower status as it is neutral colours.
Mood Board
High knee boots with a small high heal
Fresnel lamp
Period Kitchen set in 1880
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