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Marketing Plan Presentation

Marketing Plan developed for MBA Marketing Management Course, SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan

brit best

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of Marketing Plan Presentation

Financials the gap that needs filling the mission core strategy SWOT Awareness Increase Challenge target market positioning USP marketing goals branding product strategy promotion customer support engineering after sales components product lines pricing and revenues expenses income financial position financial performance convenient direct indirect Insufficent funds Other charity:water
campaigns Other Charities Our campaign’s primary goal is to raise awareness and money in order to bring clean and safe water to developing nations. To build awareness and educate the selected target market about the environmentally sustainable ‘Green’ technology industry that is now the way forward world over and then about Green Solutions which is the solution provider to this energy issue. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Differentiated solutions Highly trained HR Skilled installation personnel Superior 25-year warranty panels State of the art infrastructure for Customer Support heavy investment in awareness single location abundant solar energy low competition eco aware people high tariffs high fossil fuel prices low quality UPSs PV improvements political, economic conditions decreasing prices of UPS units high import duties on PV increasing sabotage how it works college students Increase by 25% To the educated, informed, environmentally concerned homeowner, or new home buyer, Green Solutions offers innovative eco friendly power generating products that will provide free, clean and uninterrupted power at a very competitive price. sales in both new and existing housing markets
inform customer on competive pricing
inform customer on applicability
inform customer on free power benefit marketing objectives 35% awareness in amongst target prospects
1% Kryptonite products installation in new homes
3.5% Kobalt products installation in existing homes Our unique value proposition will be most innovative products, this is in line with not only the cutting-edge technology that Green Solutions will launch but each of our products will be differentiated from competitor products available in Pakistan presently. Product line to different segements
promote the products eco-friendliness, easy of use, zero operating cost, etc.
Kobalt as the ultimate falll-back power solution
Kryptonite as the primary power product for climate-responsive homes pricing strategy Very low markups on cost intially
purpose is to induce maximum trial
installment options for Kobalt systems
innovative product-savings based pricing for Kryptonite print newspapers magazines public relations direct marketing Sui Gas company affiliation DHA Clubs Personal Selling (sales) pitching to large corporations tradeshows sponsorships and event marketing Dawn lifestyle exhibition 8th Internation Exhibition for Energy Industry held at Expo Conferences Sponsoring a tree plantation Solar panels for park lighting web plan website Google Adwords banner ads in-house PR department authoring awareness articles from firm's platform Situation Analysis charity: water
Pay it Forward Market Objectives Targeting & Positioning Marketing Strategy Marketing Mix Strategies Service engage with
college students sustainable
Quickly spread The Competition Students
Not on
social network
sites Execution
Social Media
Facebook youtube twitter Word of
mouth tell 3 others Donate Minimum
of a dollar website visits
college campaigns California Colleges
College students
Ages 18-30
on social network sites charity: water is a non profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. charity water
pay it forward movement
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