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Hockey Always Wins the Game

No description

Matt Harrington

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Hockey Always Wins the Game

Hockey Always Wins
the Game

In my essay I talked about the dedication that hockey players show to their sport and teams. In the essay I explained one of the best moments where a player showed dedication and that was of Greg Campbell's playoff heroics. It's not enough to simply read what he did, when you watch it you really see the pain he went through while staying on that ice yet still he fought through it because of his dedication to the sport. In other sports such as soccer when a player is injured they will usually play off their injury like its something more, rolling on the ground and crying, hoping that the other player is penalized for it but rarely will you see that in the game of hockey and anyone who does this isn't a true hockey player.
Chicago Blackhawks Captain Jonathan Toews Celebrates with the Stanley Cup
Even in House League hockey winning is an exciting time!
The Glory of the Game Winning Goal
In my essay I described the intensity and excitement LA Kings player Alec Martinez felt when scoring the Stanley Cup winning goal and you can clearly see that in the picture.
Few sports offer the challenge of climbing through the playoffs in a string of best of seven match ups and there's no other feeling like fighting your way to the finals and being the one to end it with the Stanley Cup winning goal.

Los Angeles King player Alec Martinez after scoring the Stanley Cup winning goal.
of Football
The Catching in Baseball
Baseball requires some minor elements but the main ones being able to catch and that's shown well in this video.
The Music
The music in this presentation is used to set the tone of energy and excitement that hockey players go through during the start of every game. If this music does not pump you up for the start of a hockey game nothing will. I know from experience that when you step on the ice to a song like this you cant wait to start the best game there is. Few other sports can bring such intensity to the game solely from music.
The Intensity in Hockey
The skills in hockey are un-matched when compared to any other sport. Like I was saying in the essay to just play the game of hockey you must be able to skate, shoot and know the basics of what to do in most situations, yet you're going to need a lot more skill to pull off what these professionals do in the video below. Hockey is not only fun to play but its also appeasing to the eye. Watching these plays make you just say "Wow!". You'll of course see some pretty impress plays in other sports but when you factor in all the obstacles hockey players have to deal with when making these plays (obstacles such as skating on the ice, avoiding hits and knowing how to beat the goalie) its obvious how much more skill is involved when playing the game of hockey.
All these pictures show the pure intensity and excitement that hockey offers for all ages and leagues of play. Whether its a captain hoisting the Stanley Cup, scoring the game winning goal or just celebrating after a big win, the intensity of hockey is felt all around.
Sidney Crosby celebrates with teammates after scoring the Gold Medal Goal, winning the Olympic Hockey medal for Canada
The one definitive thing that no other sport offers on a regular bases (besides actual fighting of course) is a good old ice hockey fight. Often you'll hear someone say "I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out" and usually there right. No other sport offers that moment after a big hit where the teammate stands up for his fellow line mate, drops his helmet and gloves and clobbers the opponent.
Like I was saying in my essay football does demonstrate good physicality in its hitting.
Kicking in Soccer
I make fun of soccer a lot, its not hard to. However there's no denying the skill needed to make those amazing kicks.
Hockey showing
physicality, endurance and skill
Like I was saying in my essay other sports have good aspects but they only have a few of them. Hockey however encompasses the best aspects of all other sports to make the best sport there is. The video I provided shows this quite well as you see endurance(skating down the ice),physicality(players being hit), and skill(getting passed the goalie).
In conclusion the reason that hockey always wins the game is because of the energy and intensity it offers, something that no other sport can offer on the same level which hockey does. Throughout this presentation I used many videos, pictures and even music to get my point across on how great of a sport hockey is and if your not convinced by now you'll never be.
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