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Expiration Dates and Labels

Persuasive speech #3 speech class 2013

Kathi Rogers

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Expiration Dates and Labels

Friend or Foe Do You Know? Expiration Dates What the codes mean. Sell by Dates
Best if Used by Dates
Expiration Dates
Expires on Dates This waste is costing households hundreds of dollars a year, and it affects greenhouse gas emissions. Most of the food is perfectly good to eat. It is estimated 8.3 million tons of food waste is produced every year and 5.3 million of it could have been used. Sell by or Pull Dates Properly stored items should be good 3-7 days after expiration date. Except Drugs or Medications Should not be taken after the expiration or 1 year after the date the drug is dispensed which ever is earlier. Best if Used by Date This label date if not used by this date may affect the top flavor or quality of the food.
Cook or freeze by this date. Expiration Dates Check for when buying.
If you decide to use smell and examine the product.
Always discard if there is an odor Expires on Dates Baby Food and Formula are the only food product the federal regulates with regard to dating.
You should always use before this date. Shelf Life/Expiration Date There is no current law that requires manufacturers to print expiration dates on labels of cosmetic products. Don't Be Tempted to Use Expired Medicines Voluntary shelf-life guidelines were developed by the cosmetic industry vary, depending on product and it's intended use. Consumers should be aware.
Dates are simply "rules of thumb". In conclusion the Dates Really do Matter. Food can be eatable after these dates but check it out for yourself. But... By Kathi Rogers
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