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Adolf Hitler

No description

Crystal Licon

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, to Alois and Klara Hitler. He was born at Brauna am Inn, Austria. He was the fourth of six children but only him and Paula lived past their childhood. Adolf and his family were constantly moving due to his fathers job. After moving to Passua, Germany, they moved to Leonding, then Hafeld and was enrolled into "Volksschule" a school nearby Fishlham. He was an excellent student, was very bright and had lots of friends. When his brother died in 1900, Adolf changed completely with his friends and teachers. He also began having even more problems with his father.
Misery and Poverty
Adolf Hitler's Class Picture
Adolf Hitler
In 1897, Adolf and his family moved back to Lambach. Adolf began taking singing lessons and sang in the church choir. He even had thoughts about becoming a priest. In 1898, Adolf and his family moved back permanently to Leonding. His father Alois wanted him to follow in his footsteps but Adolf had other plans. He enrolled him into Realschule(A school in Linz) in 1900, but Hitler failed to do good. Hoping to show his father that this wasn't for him. He wanted to be a painter.
Teenage Years
After his fathers death in 1903, Adolf dropped out of school when he was sixteen and enrolled into Realschule, but later decided to leave. He no longer had an interest in learning. In 1905, he lived in Vienna and worked as laborer and as a watercolor painter. In 1907, he applied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna but was rejected. In 1908, he applied a second time to the same school and again he was rejected. He later ran out of money and moved into a homeless shelter. He was living there for a year.
Mid Adulthood
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler as a soldier
In 1907, his mother passed away. Around this time, Hitler began to develop a hatred towards jews. He believed that a Jewish doctor was responsible for his mothers death. He also believed that a Jewish professor had rejected his art work. In 1914, Hitler attempted to join the Austrian army, but was not accepted. In August 1914, World War I had begun. Hitler returned to Germany where he was allowed to be in the German Army. Hitler was a very brave soldier. He was awarded with the Iron cross (second class) in 1914 and again in 1918 (first class). In 1918, Hitler was temporarily blind do to a gas attack. During the time he was recovering, Germany surrendered. Hitler was convinced the Jews were responsible for the defeat.
Alois Hitler
Klara Hitler
Alois Hitler was the father of Adolf HItler. He was born on June 7, 1837. He was known to be a very mean man with a horrible attitude. He would often be drunk and beat young Adolf. On January 3, 1903, Alois Hitler passed away do to lung hemorrhage.
Klara Hitler was the mother of Adolf Hitler. She was born on August 12, 1860. Klara was the complete opposite of Alois. She was a very nice and caring person. She would be very protective of Adolf and would spoil him. On December 21, 1907, Klara Hitler died of breast cancer. Adolf was devastated because he actually had good memories with her.
Weimar Republic
Third Reich
Hitler's Views on Jews
My Views on Hitler
Rise of Power
Adolf's hatred to Jews all began with the Germans defeat in WWI. He believed it was the Jews fault. His hatred was also due to his mothers death and rejection of his art work by a Jewish professor. He believed that the Jews were the inferior race, they were not even human and the best thing to do was to eliminate them. He wanted everyone to be the "Superior" race, which was German and conquer the whole world. Everyone that was different had to be eliminated.
Eva Braun was Adolf Hitler's companion. Eva met him in Munich when she was seventeen years old and later moved in with him. Both Eva and Adolf never made public appearances together. On April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide in Berlin, Germany in a hidden bunker. Adolf shot himself in the head with his pistol and Eva bit into a poisonous capsule. Their bodies were later found and burned.
Two lovers Suicide
After WWI, Hitler returned to Munich. He was ordered by the German Army to spy on the "Germans Workers Party", which was a short organization that started off the Nazi party. There he realized that the party had similar plans to his and liked what he was hearing. He later met Anton Drexler who was impressed with Hitler and asked him to join the party. He agreed to join and was later made the party's propaganda manager and was usually the main speaker of the meetings. He was the reason people were joining the party.
Rise to Power
In April 1920, The organization was renamed to the National Socialists German Workers Party. That same year, Adolf designed the Nazi flag. In 1921, Adolf wins the election and becomes the leader of the Nazi party. In November, 1923, Hitler and the Nazis marched the streets of Munich at an attempt to seize the power of Munich. But they failed. Hitler was taken to prison sentenced for five years for treason, but was released after nine months. During this time he wrote Mein Kampf "My struggles".
My views on Adolf Hitler are that he was a very smart man, but was also very evil. He was able to persuade thousands of people with his own words, but he was also someone who didn't believe in being different. He just wanted to conquer the world and everyone be a part of the superior race. I believe Hitler's childhood influenced his actions and behaviors as an adult. He was a child that grew up full of hate and with very little support. Sure he was an evil man, but he was also very smart and persuasive enough to turn the whole country of Germany on his side.
Weimar Republic was formed at the end of WWI. It was a form of government made in Weimar, Germany. This form of government was hated by Hitler and was later changed when he came into office in the Third Reich.
Mein Kampf
During his time in prison, Hitler wrote a book called Mein Kampf, "My struggles". He explained his life and used propaganda to make people feel bad for him. This helped him gain more people on his side.
After Mein Kampf was released, The Holocaust began in 1933. Hitler and the Nazis began to brutally eliminate thousands of Jews in concentration camps. The same year, Hitler is named chancellor of Germany. Not very long after, Adolf wins the presidential election and is now a dictator of Germany and is called the "Fuhrer". Once Hitler is in office, this was considered the Third Reich. He continued in office till he committed suicide in 1945, and the Holocaust ended.
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