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New STAAR English II EOC

No description

S. M.

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of New STAAR English II EOC

STAAR English II EOC 2015
28 multiple choice questions

3 short answer questions
1 single reading selection
1 paired reading selection
1 field test (either single or paired)
22 multiple choice questions (revising and editing)

1 persuasive essay
Eat a good breakfast.
(Free breakfast in cafeteria
on test days!)
Wear layers so that you will be comfortable.
Bring a book to read after the test.
(No textbooks or e-readers allowed!)
Combined reading and writing

5 hours (with lunch break)

If you do not pass one section, you have to take the ENTIRE test again
Test Overview
• You may not have a cell phone or any other electronic device at any time during testing
This includes during lunch
even after everyone in your testing room is finished testing
(no joke)
You will receive a "0" on your written responses if you do not answer the prompt or your response is illegible

Anything written outside of the response boxes will NOT be scored
You may complete the test in ANY order that you want

You may have access to a dictionary and/or thesaurus for the ENTIRE test
You may bring your own dictionary from home
You may take a bathroom break at any time during the test but this time cannot be made up
Bring at least 2 #2 pencils
Bring an eraser
Bring a highlighter
Bring a lunch
Bring your regular school materials
(you will go to classes after the test)
Bring a lunch.
(Lunches dropped off in the front office WILL NOT be delivered to you!)
On Test Day...
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