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JAPAN Green Roofs

No description

Keyra Torres

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of JAPAN Green Roofs

Fukuoka, Japan JAPAN Green Roofs
& MORE Green Roofs are primarily built for conserving the amount of vegetation in a certain area and to help regulate the temperature of the building. Ambitous and contemporary green roof is The ACROS project "Asian Crossroads Over the Sea" The floorplan is designed with 35,000 plants consisting of 76 species; an urban model emphasizing the four seasons Four Seasons Emilio Ambasz & Associates built one of the world's most inspiring green roofs in Fukuoka City, Japan. It houses offices, retail space, a 2,000 seat theater and a museum. http://www.acros.or.jp/r_facilities/symphony.html http://www.environmentalgraffiti.com/green-living/8-incredible-green-roofs/10914 Green Roofing is expressed artistic-ally throughout the whole map of
the world... http://www.greenopia.com/USA/news.aspx?ID=457 http://earthfirst.com/10-photos-of-stunning-green-roofs-from-around-the-world/ Northern Scandanavia Downtown, Vancouver Stuttgart, Germany Darmstadt, Germany Chicago's Millenium Park The Solaire, New York Toronto, Canada The End Inside Fukuoka The opposite of the building faces the most important street in Fukuoka; Made of glass with every floor angeled to reflect the standers below, softly dematerializes the mass of the building. By: Keyra
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