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Google Advertising

No description

Tania Koshi

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Google Advertising

Understanding the company
From a search engine to an advertising engine
Google in 2006
Q1. Did it make sense for Google to begin experimenting with new advertising formats- such as video advertisements, banner advertisements, and so on-given the success of its current text-only model?
Videos and Images
Ads that include images and prices for specific products
Q2. Did it make sense for Google to begin moving into new advertising channels, such as print, radio, and television?
Print Media - US
Why Television Advertisements...
Why Radio Advertisements...
Mobile phones means radio connectivity, therefore a huge opportunity for radio advertisements in rural areas, where internet cannot penetrate
Why Print Advertisements...
Q3.Is it possible to reconcile these new advertising formats and channels with Google’s business philosophy? If so how?
Google Advertising
Larry Page met Sergey Brin
PageRank system in BackRub
Dropped out of Stanford
Andy Bechtolsheim, friends, family - $1 mn
Meteoric rise in revenue!
1999: $25 million from Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins
Red Hat and Netscape
Experimenting with online advertising
October 2000: Google introduced its AdWords system
#1 search engine
Diverse product portfolio
99% revenue from advertising
“the world’s most valuable online advertising agency disguised as a search engine”
Increasing popularity
Advertising philosophy
Sticking to the old while adapting to the new
Unconventional product portfolio
Comparison of web traffic
Q4. What steps should Google be taking to protect and grow its core, online, text-based advertising business, anchored by its existing AdWords and AdSense programs?
Create a more transparent system of disclosing the fraudulent activities (transparency)
Post-Click Conversion and Landing Page Management (customer service)
Integrated e-mail marketing
Strategic alliances with banks
A DM presentation by Group 4 on:
Shaoni Roy Chowdhury (3)
Tania Ann Koshi (4)
Plavon Bora (7)
Shreesti Ghosh (8)
Priyanka Singh (27)
Ashish Manchanda (35)

How does it work?
What is it??
Payment techniques
What is it??
How does it work?
Payment techniques
Zipped or opted out of
Popularity of the channel
Converted into sale
Place ads according to popularity
High payment for reserved spaces
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