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Quest: Haroun and the Sea of Stories

No description

Erica Pacag

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Quest: Haroun and the Sea of Stories

Haroun Khalifa Quest Princess Batcheat - after overcoming ultimate challenge, saves day and officially becomes hero
- returns back home
- travels from supernatural world to reality
- crosses threshold, returns changed
- Haroun travels back from Gup city to the Sad city in Alifbay, now discovered called Kahani The Return - always a hero in a story: typically main character
- different way of indicating a hero
- Haroun didn't have a mysterious birth, but father always said, "There's more to you than meets the blinking eye"
- indicated something special The Beginning - in every story, before a character can become a hero, he/she must overcome different challenges and struggles
- Haroun had to overcome many challenges throughout quest Challenges and Struggles •Archetypal Character: Damsel in Distress
•Vulnerable, helpless and unattractive princess
•Captured by Khattam-Shud and needs to be rescued
•Gups went to war with Chups to get Batcheat back
•Batcheat is saved after Haroun makes a wish, and the Citadel melts
•She marries Prince Bolo and lives happily ever after Ultimate Boon - outcome of supreme ordeal
- when main character inquires knowledge and power - Immature
- Doesn’t believe
- Ignorant
- “What’s the point of it? What’s the point of stories that aren’t even true?”
- “Stories can’t simply come out of thin air” Haroun Khalifa - before becoming hero, character has a mission to fulfill
- either accept or refuses
- Haroun accepts mission/quest without really knowing it
- mission: to save father's story telling abilities Call to Adventure Butt the Mail Carrier Driver Iff the Water Genie •One of Haroun challenges is to save the Sea of Stories
•The arch-enemy of all stories is Khattam-Shud, who poisoned the Sea of Stories because he is unable to rule and control them Sea of Stories, Khattam-Shud - biggest and/or hardest challenge character must overcome before becoming a hero
- example: prince defeating dragon to save princess, over ruling the one in highest power, etc. Supreme Ordeal Haroun volunteered to find Khattam-Shud (or his shadow) at the dark ship
• Haroun and his friends where captured by the Chups on their way to the dark ship
• They are brought to Khattam-Shud (Basically a clashing between Good vs. Evil)
• Haroun realizes that the Khattam-Shud he is with, is the shadow, and that the real/human Khattam-Shud is at the castle
• Khattam-Shud changed his shape into a tall one hundred and on head monster
• Khattam-Shud shows Haroun where the plug, the generator, and the poison-proof suits are
•Haroun’s friend Mali destroys the generator, allowing Haroun and Iff to escape from the ship, and get Butt the Hooped brain that was previously stolen Good vs. Evil - although Haroun came back changed
- believed in stories that are untrue, more selfless
- still has slight doubt in him; how impossible things still seemed impossible in way Changed Who is Khattam-Shud •Khattam-Shud is the foe of speech that imposed a policy of no speaking to the people of Chup who then vowed to silence
• He is able to be at two places at once, being that he and his shadow look exactly alike, and it’s hard to tell the difference
•Khattam-Shud name means “The End” •Due to Haroun’s wish, and the sun that rised over Chup city everything started to melt, including the Citadel, in which Khattam-Shud was located at.
•Khattam-Shud a clerkish, shadow as a man started running for his life, though the head of the Colossus of Bezaben hit him on the nose, shattering Khattam-Shud into pieces.
•By the death of Khattam-Shud peace broke out between Gup and Chup city. Death of Khattam-Shud - Defeating K.S
- Importance of stories
- wish for more than 11 minutes, finally believes
Defeating Khattam-Shud Crossing Threshold - character finally accepts mission/quest and goes from reality to supernatural world
- Haroun travels from Sad city in Alifbay to supernatural world didn't even believe in, Gup city with help of aid •Archetypal Character: Helper (assists/guides the hero on his journey)
•Helped Haroun try to cheer up his father
•Showed Haroun the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ and gave him the hope and courage to get his father’s storytelling abilities back
•Gave Haroun the confidence needed to succeed and accept the call to adventure to begin his quest. •Archetypal Character: Supernatural Aid
•Iff meets Haroun when he comes to disconnect Rashid’s water pipe & drops the disconnecting tool
•Supernatural mentor who presents the hero with magical items that will be used as an aid later in their quest
•He teaches Haroun many lessons and provides him with insight, advice and strength
•Wise Old Man who uses his knowledge of other people and the world, to help tell stories and offer guidance Butt the Hoopoe •Archetypal Character: Helper
•Provides insight and guidance
•A mechanical bird that communicates telepathically and flies Haroun around the Moon Kahani
•He accompanies Haroun on his journey
•Leads Haroun through dangerous places to his ultimate goal - “After his mother left home, Haroun found the he couldn’t keep his mind of anything for very long, or to be precise, for more than 11 minutes at a time”- Haroun finds it hard to concentrate on anything for more than eleven seconds - Realizes/ Matures
- Haroun is the only one to realize that moody land is not merely a tale and that they all have the power over the situation. Haroun instructs father to “ think of the happiest times you can remember” and the weather calms down
- Still more for him to grow
- Learns power and importance of stories- Overall changes and grows as a hero
- Grows to make wise decisions, i.e realizes “ if he could prevent the source from being plugged, everything would eventually be all right again”
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