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on 18 March 2014

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Tom Sims
Miss Voss
The First Snowboard 1929
After the creation of the skateboard Jack Burchett created the first snowboard. It was made out of a plank of plywood. He created it because he wanted t to become a sport like skateboarding. That helped it improve it's creation. This was it's first step.
Skiboard 1963
Later the first snowboard changed to become a skiboard. An eighth grade student named Tom Sims made this change for a science project. The skiboard was officially made out of two skis connected together. This way it was able to grow as a sport. The skiboard was step two in snowboards.
Snowbards hve changed over time
Snufer 1965
After the change Tom Sims made, a man named Sherman Poppen decided to create a better change.He created the snufer as a toy for his kids. The snufer was also made by connecting two skis together. But even though Sherman just renamed it he was able to use it in competitions. The snufer was the 3rd change in snowboards.
Winterstick 1970
Later Dimitrije Milovich had different plans. He wanted people to have the feeling of what it is like to surf but on snow. This board was made of steam bent wood and fiberglass. After he did this he and his board where in magazines. The winterstick was the most important step in the history of snowboards.
The Modern Board 1996
After the idea of the winterstick Jake Burton decided to take snowboards to new heights. He did this because he wanted to keep improving the business he started in 1977. This board was like the winterstick but better. It had a scoop nose, a tail, and strap bindings. This changing of the snowboards over time made it so that finaly they allowed snowboards in ski lodges. This was the modern step in today's snowboards.



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