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Celebrities' Privacy Rights

Celebrities vs. The Press/Paparazzi

Emma Z

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Celebrities' Privacy Rights

Celebrities Deserve Privacy Celebrities vs. The Press (paparazzi) Celebrities' Personal Lives Celebrities' Personal Lives ... paparazzi have gone too far in order to get a picture. ... caused accidents. ... damaged celebrities' personal lives. ... gone too far in order to get information on a celebrity's life. While it is understandable to want pictures of celebrities when they are out in public... In any other professional field, people receive the right to maintain their privacy. Tabloids Can Ruin Celebrities' Personal Lives If their right to privacy is infringed upon, such as slander or defamation, legal actions can even be taken. This is why celebrities should have the right to sue when false stories are published in the tabloids. Paparazzi have broken in to celebrities' homes. Paparazzi have also hacked celebrities' phones to get pictures of them. By Emma Zarabet Tabloids have destroyed relationships with fake reports of cheating. Paparazzi Invade Private Information The paparazzi have tried to get information on celebrities that is personal. Wanting to know who a celebrity is wearing or what they like to eat is one thing; stealing personal doctors' reports is another. Paparazzi try to figure out where celebrities go to the doctors' office or what the doctors report on their condition. Paparazzi have also gone through celebrities' property, like their mail or garbage. Paparazzi Have Caused Accidents Because of the overly zealous paparazzi, car chases and even fatal accidents have occurred that are not the celebrities' fault. Paparazzi being dangerous on the roads can cause celebrities to get into accidents. The paparazzi make sure to get a picture that can be interpreted how they want, in order to make the most money, even if their claims are false. Celebrities' problems do not really compare to the "average person's" problems. Celebrities are the last people that most of us would ever feel bad for. Tabloids have interfered in personal family situations with blown up and over exaggerated stories. Tabloids have hindered future job prospects for celebrities by publishing false stories about them. Tabloids Can Ruin Celebrities' Personal Lives On the other hand... Some people will argue that part of being a celebrity includes having no privacy and the public knowing everything that goes on in their life. They say that celebrities should just have to deal with it since they of all people, have no right to complain. These people are wrong, however, because everyone is entitled to their right to privacy. Even though celebrities should not be complaining about "their busy schedule" or "how tiring their life is", having tabloids and paparazzi invading their privacy or publishing untrue articles is not acceptable. Therefore, celebrities should have the right to sue tabloids for publishing false information, or defamation, against them and for extreme invasions of their privacy. The paparazzi have every right to get a picture of this celebrity because she is in public. The problem, however, is how the paparazzi handle taking the picture. Others believe that this treatment can only be expected. Everybody deserves privacy!! (Thanks Ms. Riccio) Just to get a picture or "the newest story" about a celebrity, the paparazzi have... When accidents are caused by paparazzi, invasion of privacy occurs, and untrue stories are published about them, celebrities should be allowed to sue the media that is responsible and win the case.
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