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Colonial Rivalry: Take 2


Alex Dang

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Colonial Rivalry: Take 2

COLONIAL RIVALRY Why was it a long term cause? It increased tensions among the nations
of Europe They were competing for new resources in order to fuel the industrial revolution taking place This led to many territorial disputes among the nations... Mainly Germany vs. Britain & France The "Sick Man of Europe" also was grabbing the attention of Austria-Hungary, Russia and the Balkans Alliances were formed as a result of rivalries Colonial Rivalry: The competition between nations seeking to expand their empire to greater extents Specifc Examples
of Colonial Rivalry The Fashoda Incident [1898] Sudan [Britain & France]
France expanding east-west
Britain expanding north-south
Their expansions met at Fashoda [Kodok] in Egyptian Sudan
Almost erupted in a war between the two greatest colonial powers of Europe of the time
Ended in the Entente Cordiale of 1904
Bartered British recognition of a French free hand in Morocco against Parisian acquiescence to London’s domination of Egypt
Considered a wakeup call for the colonial powers
Climax of territorial disputes between the UK and France
The Moroccan Crises [1905-06 & 1911] German Chancellor Count Bernhard von Bülow wanted to contest the right to control Morocco [initially given to the French as part of the Anglo-French Agreement]
He believed he could break up the Dual Alliance and the Entente Cordiale and that a new Russo-German Alliance would emerge, effectively isolating France
A Russo-German Alliance was made between the Kaiser and Nicholas II at Björkö which was a defensive alliance to co-operate against any power in Europe
The alliance failed and the Germans suffered a very humiliating defeat by April 1906 which led to their involvement again in the Second Moroccan Crisis
Germany took another opportunity to attempt to reassert itself for the right to occupy Morocco when the French intervened in Fez after riots against the Sultan had erupted in May 1911
They sent the Panther, a gunboat, to the south Moroccan port of Agadir
Initially, the French were ready to negotiate with the Germans since they had no assistance from the Russians who were bitter about the Bosnian crisis
But then the British intervened and they were anxious to prevent a German diplomatic victory because Britain feared that would destroy the Entente
In the end, the French was given a protectorate over Morocco while Germany was given a small part of the French Congo and its economic interests in Morocco were respected
The First Moroccan Crisis The Second Moroccan Crisis ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE It led to a greatly intensified naval and arms race.
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