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The Rapid Rate of Change

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Tom Fulton

on 13 September 2014

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Transcript of The Rapid Rate of Change

The Rapid Rate of Change and Business
So What?
The world
changing, and at an
Rapid change is perceived as the increase in the rate of technological (+sometime social and cultural) progress throughout history.
Change is not Linear

(This presentation is an example of the rapid rate of change)
The Disadvantages of Change
Unlike other feilds that may have only changed a little in the past hundred years, technology's developmental pace is exponential.
How much technology will transform society in the next 25 years is barely predictable.
In just the last ten years alone we have had the following new technologies reach wide market adoption:
The internet has arguably globalized the world
Smart Phones, Mobile computing, 3D TV, Skype, Facebook, GPS, Siri, Wifi, The dissaperance of camera (taken over by phones), etc
Cars are more efficient
People can
with ease
New technologies lead on to ideas for more technologies
Due to advances in technology, businesses have changed their ways of operating.
They operate differently in terms of technology but also in the way the look after and treat their employees.
'Knowledge is Power' no longer fits in with the current organization. Where EQ is more important than IQ and creativity is highly valued.
A highly intelligent person can simply be acquired if needed (their expertise can be sold).
EQ Based Business
Businesses have become Emotional Quotient based because it is vital for teamwork. Having workers who can support, lead and understand their co-workers creates an atmosphere within the business which will allow for efficient work and mentally and emotionally healthy workers.
Vodafone is one of the leading Australian companies in looking after their employees.
Some businesses are beginning to offer to their employees:
Yoga to help with mental health
Exercise to make them fit
A community within the business to create a sense of belonging
Mental Health guidance
The more complexity that is created, the easier it is for more complexity to emerge
The rapid change makes the ideas of war even more terrifying because there are new weapons being built that can affect a vast number of people.
The rapid rate of change pushes us to make decisions faster, increasingly making it more and more important not to rush when making them.
The faster change comes the harder it is to predict the furture.
To deal with the rapid rate of change one needs to be able to let go of past assumptions and learn to think fresh.

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