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Hard Rock Cafe Marketing Presentation

No description

Floriane O'Sehan

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Hard Rock Cafe Marketing Presentation

Marketing plan
by Group 2:
Patricia Balimba
Lindi Geldenhuys
Francois Flamengo
Martin Joubert
Estiaan Joubert
Floriane Sehan

1. Situation Analysis
2. Marketing Strategy
3. Financials
4. Controls

Hard Rock Cafe
Founded in 1971 - Isaac Tigrett & Peter Morton
Our strengths and weaknesses
Situation analysis
Well established brand
Effective promotion
Maximum capacity
More demand and less supply
Premium price
Availability of prime location
Restricted to Rock Music Channel
(No Sports Coverage)
Opportunities and Threats
PEST Analysis

Market Demographics
Market Needs & Trends
Success Factors & Critical Issues
PEST analysis
Porter's 5 Forces
Easy access
Prime location : V&A Waterfront


Competition : 80 eateries
Strongest : Mitchell's, Quay 4
Social media : bad reviews
23 M visitors/year
100 000 daily (peak season)
55% CPT, 19% SA , 26% Int
V&A Waterfront
Marketing strategy
Mission and vision
Porter's 5 Forces
Segmentation and target
LSM 6-10
From children to mature people
Segmentation during the day
Medium to high income
Social responsibilities
Breast cancer research foundation
City of Hope – KISS

Bargaining power of customers

Low price elasticity

Theat of new entrants

Low :
High cost of entry
Limited availability of space
Established brand


Fast Food, Restaurants, Pubs and Bars

Bargaining power of supplier

V&A: high
Food/drink provider : Low

Rivalry among competitors

Strong competitors: Mitchell’s, Quay 4
Differentiator: Hard Rock

Chain of Rock'n Roll theme restaurants
Now 175 Hard Rock locations in 53 countries
Population: 3.7 M
Tourism in Western Cape
Domestic: 2.7 M

Cape Town Area

Wifi available
Smartphone apps
Live streaming
Food and alcohol licensing
Food safety control legislation
V&A Rules
ZAR exchange rate
Investment opportunities
Labour rates
Equal opportunity
BEE requirement
Market Needs and Trends
Personal touch

Peak seasons and special events
Established brand
Loyal customers
Diversified market
American culture

Find the perfect location
Maintain an exciting experience
Maintain quality of service and menu

... and critical issues
GOAL : Make the one time customer become a loyal one
Experience Rock music and American culture

7 Ps

Affordable price range

Restaurant and bars
Local burger & seafood
Same menu as the others
Local drinks – craft beer
Produce own signature Hard Rock Cafe Cape Town craft beer
Affordable house wine

Concert - International and local music band
Physical Evidence
Make customers enjoy a real Rock’n Roll experience
Price :

V&A Waterfront, Cape Town South Africa
Local and international artists
Dance competition once a week( Rock Zulu )
Special theme with Table Mountain & for special event (Halloween, Africa Day, Kaapse klopse…)
Provide the best customer experience (training, smile, be friendly, good)
Contingency planning

All is one
Do well by doing good
Artist ambassadors
Our brand
Social network and website
Special events promotion
Loyalty and gift card
Scratch card (V&A)
Special promotion for the opening
Manage waiting time - bar area + free parking
Place outside during summer

All needed information online - Apps, Website, Social network

Complaint management

Helpfulness of employee
Place :
International loyal customers
Diversified and glocalized
business model
Social media presence
Online store
Popular Merchandise
Atmosphere & Entertainment
(live music, staff, experience)
Visual attraction & Personalization
Contingency Planning
Difficulties and risks
Brand awareness
Customer loyalty

Initial investment between 15 to 25 million rand. Based on previous experience, 700m² premise
Sales forecast
Marketing Budget
Break-even analysis
Sales forecast
Expenses forecast
Thank you
Internet #hardrockCT
Permits and licences
General Construction
Creating Buzz on social media
Acquisition and Staff training
Radio campaigns
Adverts on airplane magazines
Banners at airport and V&A
Grand opening

4 Weeks
3 months
4 months
6 weeks
2 months
1 month
1 month
12 hours

Worst case scenario :
Breakeven analysis
1630 pm
Customers @ R276
R450 000 pm

Mission and vision
Segmentation and target
Brand and 7Ps
Social responsabilities
Francois: aka Flamin Flamingo
Patricia: aka RockZulu
Estiaan: aka Bouncer Joubert
Floriane: aka French Connection
Martin: aka The Humanizer
Lindi: aka RockChick
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