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Red Rock Commuications

No description

Fran Matera

on 29 April 2016

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Transcript of Red Rock Commuications

Presenting! The original Southwest Vocal Project branding and logos!
add logo
Red Rock Commuications
Social Media Divison

by: Jessica Morrison
Social Media is daunting and scary.
Simply A Cappella members aren't trained in Photoshop.

That's ok! CANVA.com to the rescue!
Why Not?
Tutorial Videos are also on Dropbox
They will allow group members who want to assist to create social media posts.

Hashtag lists, jpg/png manipulation, their logo, color codes, and otjher material has been loaded to Canva and Dropbox.
I made a Dropbox, Canva account and an email for Simply A Cappella
Email: SimplyACappellaSocialMedia@gmail.com
Password: PRLABSP2016
The videos are informative only.
No one will think I am a professional videographer or anchor, but I thank my best friend Scott Johnson, who had a background filming a music video for Queen Latifah, a commercial for Smashbox, etc. for being my camera-man and director.
Examples of social media
graphics made with the first
color scheme.
They not like their current name, which was
Southwest Vocal Project.
They were hard to locate on the Internet.
Their social media made by Forte was not utilized.
And, as we saw by the last slide, their brand was
not easy on the eyes.
We didn't like it, they didn't like it.
Social media for the client was next to non-existent.
The client had not utilized Forte's plan.

Some(one) said some of my graphics were a waste of time, because they had already happned,
or were not going to happen.

But they can be used as templates.
Manipulation on Canva is easy with
the color codes at hand, and their
photos taken by Gene Devine.
Color psychology
The psychology of Forte's combination was contradicting. Visually, and by the traits listed in the infographic.
Color Psychology Infographic and Company Examples. (n.d.). Retrieved April 29, 2016, from https://ideopsychology.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/colours-mean-brands-boutique-infographic.jpg
The colors used
for branding and social media put a fresh, timeless, classic yet unexpected and eye-catching theme to everything. Perfect for a springtime debut.
The social media content, the singers' outfits, and backgrounds in photos ALL look great next to these two colors.

They did not want gender or age specifc colors. Men wear these colors. Adidas shoes
for men, were up recenty on Adidas' Webpage.

Summary: The goals of Simply A Cappella are to grow in followers, raise community awareness, recruit younger members, all for the sake of learning, then teaching it.
*Group effort + continuity +
learning to use simpler software = brand recognition and social media success.
Social media is THE
only way, besides sparse, random news coverage,
for the group to meet new talent, and keep the legacy going.
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