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No description

Sophie Holroyd

on 25 May 2014

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Transcript of Heart

Love & Heartbreak
Mood Bored
Possible Words
In the end I chose the words Love and heartbrake
I picked the words Love & Heartbreak because it has many different meanings for example: Friendship, Passion, Hate, Upset and deprestion.

The word Love is something or someone that has someone or something else to look after and Love.

The word Romance is a form of love between two people without and just these two people.

To me Love is friendship, Family and Relationship.

To me Romance is two people together and their love for one another.
Shoot 1
contact sheet
Annatation of sucsessful image
These are the things I want to focus on most
Annotation of Unsuccessful Image
This image makes me think that the phtographer is trying to show that the person whos hand this is thinks that they are the only person that is ever in love and will be in love forever.
I would like to take a image like this as it shows many things about love and that it can be more than one way to love.
Images I would like to try and replecate in my own way
This shoot is about what a boy gives to a girl and the things girls give to boys or just the things you give to lover.
Gifts that boys give to girls and girls give to boys

I think this would be a good thing to do to see the things that people get for each other and how they show how they feel thought giving gifts and making the other person feel special.
Shoot 3
Contact sheet
Annotation Of Successful Image
Annotation Of Unsuccessful Image
This shoot is about holding hands and how when boys and girls walk around holding hands to show there affection. Also names on there hands like people do sometimes.

I chose to do this because most girls write the boys name there going out with or the boy the love on there hand and sometimes they write I love? I would like to show this and how girls show there feelings and how boys show theirs and how they can be the same or how different they can be. I also chose to do this shoot with the boy and girl holding hands to show their affection.
EDITS & originals
I think that this image is good because it shows how sweet and romantic the boy or girl can be.
i chose to take this picture to show that there is love between the two people as he has one half and he has the other.

In Chinese philosophy, the concept of yin-yang, which is often called "yin and yang", is used to describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world; and, how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.
I chose to edit this image into black and white as I thought it was more visually stimulating and I think that it makes the necalce stand out as it is black.
I found that this image was too dark and that it was not nice as I tried to lighten it but it did not look nice at all so I just gave up I don’t think I can do anything with it at all.
Shoot 2
EDITS & originals
EDITS & originals
Annotation Of Unsuccessful Image
Annotation Of Successful Image
Shoot 4
I chose to do this shoot to show what happens after a break up and how the two people react towards each other and how they make each other feel after they break up.
EDITS & Originals
I think this image is the best one out of all the pictures that I took in this shoot. this image was not a planed i took this image to make sure the camera settings were right but when I looked thought them I thought it was really nice I like how the boys are reading something and it looks like a group of mates reading a letter that a girl has sent a boy and from there faces I can see that they think it is cute and sweet what she has done
I think I might use this image as a double exposure with the letter that they are reading and see how it comes out. I think it will look nice and show that they are reading a letter from a girl that she has sent to one of them to show her love.
To make this image better I can edit it. I can brighten it and see how it looks and see if it makes it look any better. hopefully after i edit this image it will look like what it is meant to look like but maybe not
This image went wrong as my hand slipped when I took the image if it was not blurred this image would be amazing I think if it was in focus I would defiantly use it as it show that she is confused about what he will think about her.
I don't think I could edit this image to make it better as its too blurry and out of focus.
Annotation Of Successful Image
Annotation Of Unsuccessful Image
Contact Sheet
Shoot 5
In this shoot I want to show Love throught shadows and silohettes. In this shoot I want to also show a Love between friends and how they can get so close it becomes into a relationship between someone who are maybe best friends but have feeling for each other.
Shoot 6
In this shoot I will be showing the fun side of a relationship and how the two people write things on there hands and take picture together like "Shes mine" and "Hes mine" and the other persons name n there hands and the date they got together the longer time the cuter the relationship.
Shoot 7
In this shoot i will show a girl and feeling that she has and how she smiles when she gets a text from 'HIM' the smiles and all the feeling she goes through while being in the relationship.
This Image was just the models messing around but I took the image as i thought it was relevant to this shoot as this shoot is about heartbreak and how people feel when they break up with each other. I also thought that it was a very successful image as he looks like he does not want to let her go and shes just stood there which shows that she does not want to go anywere.
Annotation Of Successful Image
Annotation Of Unsuccessful Image
Annotation Of Unsuccessful Image
Annotation Of Successful Image
EDITS & Originals
EDITS & Originals
EDITS & Originals
Annotation Of Unsuccessful Image
Annotation Of Successful Image
<------------------ Original image

I think that this image went well as it looks like a heart I also think I got the right contrast that I wanted and I think the image really works to show the friendship side of love which is what i was trying to show through this shoot as well as a love side of things
My edit--------------------------------->

I edited this image by changing the levels and bright ness and contrast to try to make the shadows stand out more from the back ground and to make the stranger
This is the image I was inspired by. this is just a image i got from google.
In this shoot I want to show love throught had signals and how people use their hands.
Some people show their love through hand signals.
I think this image works well to say I had to use two girls. it think that you cant really tell that it is two girls. You can’t tell that it is two girls though. The way the girls are dressed helps too as one looks like she is in a dress and the other in trousers. Also one of the girls has a bracelet on which is what most girls have and wear. I also think that this image looks very nice and sot to show love between a boy and girl.
This is the image I was inspired by.
This is an image from google
I think that this image went wrong as the two modles i used dont really get along and would not smile at all. I think that in this image they look like they are two criminals who are getting there mug shots.
I like this image and I think it went well becase it look like she is thinking about something or someone which is what I wanted.

I think that this image worked well as it looks like the girl in the image is picureing the boy she likes or the boy she is going out with in her mind and he is all she can think about.
This image went wrong as when i took the image there was too much light coming through the paper for it to be clear.

I also had the photoligts on and the big light in the room on all at once so that created more light this made it too light for the image and made the letter unreadable
This image did not work as there was not enough light on the modles.

I think it did not work as there is only light on one of the modles instead of them both
this image is not good beacuse there
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