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Viking Art and Traditions

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Jillian Rowe

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Viking Art and Traditions

Writing was a certain skill use to communicate to others. It was used to keep records and other things in order. However, the Vikings did not have paper or parchment like material. Their history and culture was passed down orally through stories and poems. Instead, Viking runes were carved with a knife or chisel into stone and wood. The way of writing was amazing back then, what happened.
The ancient vikings celebrated a lot of festivals that involved their Norse Gods. One of their festivals is at the end of January on every Tuesday that they celebrate their viking past. They tell stories about what had happened back in the ancient times. Each day of a week is named after a god. For example Thursday is Thor's day.
Viking Art and Traditions
Our viking report is on art and traditions.
They many different traditions such as festivals and things they did on a regular bases.
Art was a form of skill so it involved writing and many other things. In this prezi, you will learn about one tradition and a skill of art.
Art back in viking time was a amazing skill to have. As you can see through this picture it takes many hours to draw or crave
such things. I have been inspired by Celtic art since I was little.
Viking Festivals

After dinner viking families and friends,
would play games and laugh to bring the family closer together. This is kind of a viking tradition after dinner. This game is now similar to chess.
The Vikings. http://www.topicpod.com/vikings/how_vikings_write.html Oct. 24th, 2013.

Richardson, Hazel. Life of the Ancient Vikings. New York, NY: Crabtree Pub., 2005.

Ganeri, Anita. Focus on Vikings. London: Watts, 2001
Art and traditions have been around for many many years. They will be around for many more because we have kept the viking tradition and art alive.
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