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Aldo Aguilar

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Neurologist

Neurologist Neurologists are physicians who specialize in conditions of the brain and nervous system. Think about it... You use your brain for everything you do. Neurologist use their brain, to study the way the brain and nerves work. They often times spend their day in clinics and regular hospitals Some advance to supervisors and managiral roles in hospitals,clinics and other settings Formal education and training requirements for physicians are among the most demanding of any occupation Have been earnings as much as $70 per hour and the median wage is about $100 per hour The disadvantage are the many long hours in a hospital and years spend on studying and learning Neurologist are not surgeons, but they are physicians. They look at several things in a patient before they make a diagnosis. Neurologists can be called in at any time, day or night, to attend to emergencies. 24/7 Neurology is not physically demanding work, there can be a great deal of stress involved. This is especially true if neurologists are working with patients who are extremely sick, or even terminally ill. They try to know all about the brain and its function for treat it and answer some question of the wonderful brain. Neurologists are always in need because they take
care of an essential system of the body. The expected job growth is 21% by 2020 This profession is in demand One related occupation is a chiropractor. They work with nerves, muscles, and tissues everyday. If this profession sounds interesting, and you want more
information about being a neurologist. Go to www.neurotucson.com, it will help you find things
out about the profession here in arizona.
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