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How are author's choices impacted by genre?

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Charles Maus

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of How are author's choices impacted by genre?

How are author's choices impacted by genre?
By: Charles Maus
In Nonfiction/Persuasion
When writing nonfiction, the genre limits your topic to begin your piece. The author is also forced to use direct facts to persuade and inform. There is freedom to choose what facts to give the reader, but the author is restricted in creativity and figurative language. Nonfiction writing allows the author to express biased and unbiased ideas through specifically chosen facts.
In Fiction/Narrative
In a fiction/narrative piece an author is forced to decide on a conflict, plot and characters. These decisions map the story. To make the story enjoyable for the readers. The author must also make decisions about suspense and other literary elements. All of these decisions are influenced by the fictitious genre.
In Poetry
Poetry is a genre that allows much room for self expression. Famous poetry is known for having specific figurative language, but a speaker/composer is not restricted by this. Figurative language and poetic elements are encouraged, however, to entertain an audience. When writing a poem the author is not restricted by much, but this freedom affects the choices by influencing the style of the author.
Genres are similar characteristically in more ways than one, yet each genre holds distinctly unique qualities. These qualities cause authors to use different writing styles as the genres they are writing in change. When one moves from writing a poem to writing a novel one must include detailed descriptions and create dynamic characters. An author's choice, if it is to include a fact, a message, an extra theme, or etc., is affected by each literary category because of the defining characteristics of each genre.
In Drama
My example: In my dystopian narrative, I had many characters, including Key as the Main character, and an internal conflict that allowed me to incorporate creative dystopian aspects within the story.
Within my poetry (Nature, Rainy day), instances of certain personification metaphors, and meter would have been previously unused if the genre, had differed and the topic remained the same.
Drama is a great way for an author to express his theme in a format that will translate visually. An author of a Drama is restricted by the requisition of stage directions within the piece. Dramatic writing does, however, offer freedom in imagery when an author is setting a scene. A dramatic writer's choices are controlled, but free to visually entertain.
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