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Excretory System

No description

Katie Martin-Riddle

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Excretory System

Divide your paper for Cornell Notes.
Red=left side
Blue=right side

Excretory System
What is it??
How does the excretory system compare to the other systems we have learned about?
The excretory system collects waste produced by cells and removes waste from the body.
1. Kidneys
2. Ureter
3. Urinary Bladder
4. Urethra
Main Organs of the Excretory System
Kidneys- Removes urea and other waste from the body.

Ureter- A narrow tube that carries urine from one kidney to the bladder.

Urinary Bladder- A sac-like muscular organ that stores urine until the body is ready to excrete(get rid of) it.

Urethra- A small tube which allows urine to flow out of the body.
What do the organs do?
Where does blood get filtered and how is it filtered?
The excretory system removes liquid waste from the body. This waste is called urine.
Nephrons in the kidneys filter your blood.
What are the steps of a nephron filtering blood?
1. Blood flows into the kidney and nephron.
2. Urea, water, sugar, and other wastes are filtered out of the blood.
3. Urea, water, sugar, and other wastes go into a long tube(ureter).
4. Water and sugar are reabsorbed into the blood. Urea and other wastes stay in the tube(ureter).
5. This urea and waste mixture is a liquid called urine.
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