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The Snife

The Snife

Isa del T

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of The Snife

THE SNIFE A REVOLUTION IN THE WORLD OF CUTLERY NEED Today many people are in the rush to cram as many activities into one day. One being the obvious necessity to eat. But not many have the luxurious time to be able to sit down and be able to eat calmly, with the complete assortment of cutlery. Which is why the Snife, was created. The snife was made for people who need an eating utensil while swallowing down lunch at the office, or rushing to their afterschool activity. It’s portability makes it practical. You can take it anywhere and use it anywhere. With it’s multi-tooled assortment, you can easily use the spoon and knife in one piece of cutlery and won’t have to worry about carrying both separately. The Snife was also created for the purpose for helping the eating process of certain fruits and other kinds of food that need to be cut then spooned out. The fact that you can have a knife and a spoon in the same eating utility will take away the stress and difficulty of having to deal with using both. To add on if you are feeding a toddler you can easily use the Snife’s blade to cut their food into edible bite size pieces for them, then switch the sharp blade into place so that they can spoon it themselves. The Snife was created as a practical made to try make people’s lives easier. Present day today there are many inventions that fit the utility of the Snife. But none meet what the Snife has reached. It’s blade is made out of plastic for a safer usage, and it flips open so that you can avoid as many accidents as possible. It is more lightweight, because of the materials it has been made out of, and due to it’s lighter wait it is more practical for carrying. Also the design of the Snife makes it unique and original. Instead of a blade atatached to a spoon, like most have been made, we decided to make the blade flip out for safety and utility purposes. People of all ages can use it, with the knife blade tucked in, young children can use it and it’s lightweight will be more compatible with them, instead of something that is heavier and made out of metal. In brief the Snife was created for a practical use to aid with any problems present during eating. MATERIALS Item Price per Unit Price Per unit Number of Units Total Price
Baby Plastic Spoons 11.70$ 3 35.100$
Plastic Knife 23.40$ 4 93.600$
Nail 11.70$ 2 23.400$
Wing knot nail stopper 5.85$ 2 11.700$
Glue 11.70$ 1 11.700$
Paper 0.05$ 1 25.000$
Scissors 10.85 1 10.850$
Screw Driver 273.20$ 1 273.20$
Saw 138.95$ 1 138.95$
Total: 623.5$ AND BUDGET CONSTRUCTION 1. The team bought or supplied the materials (plastic spoon, plastic knives, screw driver, saw, nail and wing knot, paper, scissors, glue gun)
2. The team sawed a plastic knife into two, separating the handle from the blade.
3. With the help of adults, the team drilled a hole into the handle of the spoon, and drilled a hole into the top quarter of the knife’s blade.
4. The team cut out a piece of colored paper to fit the spoons shape. Then they glued it onto the Snife and drew the logo on it.
5. Using the metal nail supplied by the team, they joined both objects together using the holes they had previously drilled.
6. Then they placed the wing knot closure on the nail to keep both objects, and the nail together.
7. Then the group tested the Snive’s utility to make sure it would work and be useful.
8. Finally the group presented it. ALITERATIONS TO ORIGINAL DESIGN During the building and construction process of the Snife we faced many problems and adversities which eventually lead us to the final construction plan of our product. At first we wanted to place the knife blade on one side of the spoon. So that the actual spoon would be half knife and half spoon. But we quickly noticed that if we were to do that a person’s mouth could be hurt while using the Snife. So we decided that the sharp edge used for cutting should be placed on the handle. We then planned to sharpen one of the grip sides of the spoon, but soon found out that that was an unpractical approach to building our invention due to the fact that we did not have the right resources to do such building and if we were able to, our knife blade would not be as sharp and be very useful. So we then came up with the idea of using a design similar to that of a switch blade. This worked much better because we were able to use an already sharpened blade, which was sure to work and do it’s job and joint it together to the spoon. Making our building process simpler and having our final product be mush more useful. PHOTOGRAPHS AND DIAGRAMS IMPACT OF INVENTION The Snife was created to be a practical tool to help people’s lives run more smoothly during their mealtimes and help create a more positve envrionment. The Snife was made for people who may not have the time and space to eat with all eating utensils and need to carry some, in a practical way, with them. Or for those who need a spoon and a knife to eat certain foods or need the appliance of both. Because the knife combines the utility of both a spoon and a knife it will help make people’s lives easier because we are giving them a tool they can easily use and that has multiple ways of usage. Such as feeding a toddler, or eating on the run, or just cutting up a certain fruit and spooning out the inside. Giving people an easier way to eat and helping make a positive environment around them. The Snife does not give much of an impact to those who do not own it, or are not using it. It is most probable that only one person can be using it at the time, so no other person will feel any great change because of it, whether positive or negative. But, the Snife will not in any way make the environment around those who are using it negative. Although it should be considered that the Snife does have a sharp blade on it and caution must be practiced while using it, especially near young children to avoid any acidents which may provoke a negative impact in the social environment.
The Snife is made out of plastic, which is not a material that bio-digrates easily, unless recycled. Which is why it might not make the greatest eco-friendly impact in the world. But the Sknife does replace plastic spoons and knives, which are usually discarded after use. If people were to use the sknife, they would not have the need of plastic eating utensils and would not need to throw them away, which would cause even more pollution in the environment. Like stated before, the Snife is made out of plastic. So it will not biodegrade easily. But if there is any way of recycling the plastic once overused, the amount of negative environmental impact will decrease. TRICK QUESTIONS: By: Sofia Garcia, Alba Aguilera, and Isa del Toro.
Ms.Yost Science 1 Group 2
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